Should I buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max or the other iPhone 12?

If I were to pick one trait that would compel me to shell out north of a thousand dollars on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, it would be its camera prowess. I’m not just talking about the hardware, but the pro-grade features as well, making it a particularly powerful device for recording video. So it would be essential to pick an appropriate solution to protect the Apple flagship’s standout feature, which is where camera lens protectors come into the picture. To save you the hassle, we’ve rounded up a list of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max camera lens protectors you’ll find out there.

    Alepo Metallic Camera Lens Protector

    Metal guard

    Made out of tempered glass and with a precision cut metallic ring on top, the Alepo camera lens protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max has a nanocoated waterproof layer. Plus, it comes in a choice of four colors to suit your tastes.
    UniqueMe Camera Lens protector

    Photo friendly

    The UniqueMe 3-pack camera lens protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max is made out of 9H tempered glass with precisely cut openings and also comes with an anti-glare coating on top. Additionally, it has an oleophobic coating as well.
    EGV Camera Lens Protector

    Solid option

    EGV’s 3-Pack Camera Lens Protector for the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been carved out of 9H glass, which is as strong and sturdy as tempered glass can get. This scratch-resistant, shatterproof lens guard also has a black flash circle.
    Goton Bling Camera Lens Protector

    Add some bling

    If you’re someone who wants to add some bling fit for your pricey Apple flagship, the Goton Bling Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max will let you do just that with its rhinestone adorned lens guard.
    Ailun Blue Light Combo

    Eye protection

    Another cost-effective solution from Ailun, this combo of protective gear for the iPhone 12 Pro includes a camera lens protector with high transmittance and a tempered glass screen protector that filters 97.1% of harmful blue light too.
    Ailun Lens and Screen Protective Combo

    All-round security

    Ailun’s solution includes not only a scratch-resistant camera lens protector made out of sturdy tempered glass, but also a screen protector to protect that OLED panel, as well as a clear protective case for your iPhone 12 Pro Max.
    Spigen Camera Lens Protector

    Brand value

    The Spigen Camera Lens Screen Protector from its Glas.tR Optik line is one of the best options if you seek brand assurance as well. Made out of tempered glass with an anti-fingerprint coat, it can also color match with your iPhone 12 Pro Max.
    Ferilinso Guard Combo

    Affordability king

    Ferilinso’s offering includes a pair of screen guards and camera lens protectors, both of which are made out of waterproof and fingerprint resistant and waterproof tempered glass sheet that ranks at 9H on the Moh hardness scale.
    Jolojo Metal Lens Guard

    Metal security

    If you’re a fan of the distinct metallic lustre, then Jolojo is offering the perfect product for you. This camera lens guard employs Gorilla Glass that is surrounded on all sides bv a frame made out of aerospace grade Aluminium.
    LK Six Pack Lens and Screen Guard Combo

    Best value

    One of the most affordable options on this list with the highest value for money proposition, the LK combo offers no less than three camera lens protectors and an equal number of screen guards, all made from 9H tempered glass.
    Arae Screen and Lens Protection Combo

    Budget bundle

    The Arae combo includes a pair of camera lens protectors for the iPhone 12 Pro Max as well as a pair of screen guards as well. Both protective solutions are made out of sturdy 9H-grade tempered glass with an oleophobic coating.
    Tocol Privacy Lens Combo

    Privacy shield

    This combo pack from Tocol includes a pair of camera lens protectors made out of scratch-resistant tempered glass that ranks 9H on the Moh’s scale. Plus, you also get a pair of screen protectors that blocks others from peeping on the screen.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max camera lens protector – Our Picks

When it comes to buying protective gear for smartphones, people often stick with brands that have cultivated a solid reputation for their products over the years. If that sounds relatable, the Spigen camera lens protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max will serve you just fine with its proprietary Glas.tR Optik technology. It also comes in multiple shades to color match the rear panel of the Apple device, creating a uniform aesthetic appeal.

However, if you’re after extracting the maximum value from your hard-earned money, the LK combo pack will serve you well. This bundle consists of three camera lens protectors and an equal number of screen guards. Both accessories are made out of scratch-resistant and shatter-proof tempered glass that ranks 9H on the Moh’s hardness scale, which is the best you can get in this category.

Are you looking for more recommendations? Check out our round-up of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, alongside a list of the best protective cases and fast chargers to juice up its battery.

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