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Best keyboard cases for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro in 2021

By Roland Udvarlaki June 23, 2021, 6:00 am

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is Apple’s latest and most powerful tablet. It comes with its own Apple Silicone, the M1 chip and the first Micro-LED display on a tablet. Unfortunately, iPadOS doesn’t yet support a lot of laptop-like features that would allow you to take advantage of all that power, which is why many people are not upgrading right now. Fortunately, more and more developers have announced they’ll support the new, powerful chipset, so creative content creators can soon take advantage of it, at least in some apps. In case you’re wondering what the differences are between the latest 2021 model and the 2020 one, we have an article right here for you to look at.


As for keyboard cases for the iPad Pro, we’ve tried our very best to make sure we picked the highest rated items on average. We’ve also tried to ensure that each and every single item provides value to you, meaning we have read all of the reviews to ensure they’re high quality, durable, provides actual protection against scratches and drops, has a good keyboard and whatever other extras there may be. Each item was individually handpicked, just for you.

Apple Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 12.9

Apple Magic Keyboard

It has backlit keys, a trackpad, and a USB-C port for charging and front/back protection

Chesona Detachable Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9

Chesona Detachable Keyboard Case

The keyboard can be removed magnetically and it can stand in all angles. Available in four colors.

ZAGG Pro Keys Wireless Detachable Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9

ZAGG Pro Keys

It has backlit keys, a detachable keyboard and a dedicated holder for your Apple Pencil.

Levet Touchpad Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9

Levet Touchpad Keyboard Case

It has a touchpad, a modern look with a 360-degree viewing experience and a rainbow-colored backlit keyboard.

Level Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9

Level Keyboard Case

It has a magnetic latch that keeps the case securely closed, as well as being a perfect fit. It comes in black and pink colors.

Detachable Keyboard Case with Mouse and Pencil Holder iPad Pro 12.9

Detachable Keyboard Case with Mouse and Pencil Holder

A removable keyboard case with a pencil holder. It comes with a wireless mouse as well.

Ivso Keyboard Case with Trackpad iPad Pro 12.9

Ivso Keyboard Case with Trackpad

It comes with a touchpad built into the case along with a colorful backlit keyboard.

Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Touchpad iPad Pro 12.9

Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Touchpad

It comes with a case and a backlit bluetooth keyboard. It’s available in six colors.

KBCASE Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9

KBCASE Keyboard Case

Your Apple Pencil can be magnetically attached and it has precision cutouts and a slim fit design.

Jelly Comb Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9

Jelly Comb Keyboard Case

The viewing angle is highly adjustable and comes with a magnetically removable keyboard, which is also backlit.

Baisla Trackpad Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9

Baisla Trackpad Keyboard Case

An ultra-slim design that comes with a trackpad and a backlit keyboard. A leather cover protects the device from scratches and bumps.

IVEOPPE Keyboard Case iPad Pro 12.9

IVEOPPE Keyboard Case

It’s available in Rose Gold and the keyboard can be magnetically separated. The soft inner shells protects the iPad from drops.

Our list contains keyboard cases in a wide variety. Some protect your device better than others, but it all comes down to how thick you want the case to be, and what material you want it to be made out of. When it comes down to the best, I would personally recommend Apple’s own keyboard case, but I wouldn’t blame you if you decide it’s not for you at that price. There are many Magic keyboard alternatives that cost half the price – such as the Zagg Pro Wireless Keyboard. They’ll lack a few features here and there, but I think it’s a fair sacrifice for how much you would save.

2021 11-inch iPad Pro

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th Generation)

Apple’s latest and most premium iPad Pro. It has a massive 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, and it’s powered by Apple’s own Silicon, the M1 chipset.


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