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Best Stylus for the Galaxy S21 series in 2021

By Nadeem Sarwar January 22, 2021, 2:00 pm
Samsung Galaxy S21 stylus recommendations

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – alongside its vanilla S21 and S21+ siblings – is out in the market right now. And from the early impressions that we’ve come across so far, the phone appears to be a winner. A gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED display, top-of-the-line processor, impressive cameras, and feature-rich software. Honestly, what’s not to like here (save for that eye-watering price tag, of course)? But the biggest trick up the phone’s sleeve is support for stylus input.

Unfortunately, a stylus doesn’t come bundled with the device. In case you’ve purchased the Samsung flagship and want to make the most out of its newfound capability, we’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S21 stylus options out there:

samsung official stylus for galaxy s21 ultra

Samsung official stylus for galaxy s21 ultra

Of course, the best stylus for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the one Samsung launched alongside the device. Sold separately, it lacks the click mechanism of the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 20 series. Also, it is larger and lacks Bluetooth support.

galaxy tab s7 stylus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Stylus

Looking for something bigger that can offer a more natural pen-like grip for maximum comfort while drawing a doodle or taking notes? The official S Pen stylus for Galaxy Tab S7 duo with its magnetically attaching trick is just about the perfect option for you.


Samsung official Galaxy Note20 Stylus

Finally, the prodigal son is here. There is no beating the classic Galaxy Note stylus, and the one that ships with the Galaxy Note 20 is the most advanced one in a familiar form factor. You get the clicking top head and support for Bluetooth and Air Gestures too.

Lamy AL star

Lamy AL Star

Rocking an anodized matte black aluminum build with Wacom EMR tech at its heart, it offers an adjustable shortcut button, 4,000 pressure levels, and palm rejection trick.

Staedler Noris stylus

Staedler Noris stylus

For those who are a fan of Staedlar’s supplies or simply love the feel of its classic yellow striped pencil, the Staedler Noris stylus offers just that with a digital twist to it.

wacom hi uni digital

Wacom Hi-Uni

Nothing beats the fit of a wooden pencil with its geometric sharp lines in our fingers, and the Wacom Hi-Uni Digital stylus provides just that with a zest of modern technology.

Wacom One Pen

Wacom One Pen

One of the best looking digital stylus out there, the Wacom One Pen supports pressure sensitivity and tilt detection. Plus, it also has a programmable shortcut button, and a battery-free design.

And with that, we conclude our list of the best Galaxy S21 stylus recommendations. I would personally recommend the official Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G S-Pen that Samsung launched alongside the device. While it lacks support for Air Gesture and Bluetooth, you can at least dock it in the official case rather than carrying it in your hands or pockets where risks of misplacing or losing it are really high. Plus, I am actually digging the slightly larger footprint as it makes the stylus more comfortable to use compared to the relatively thin stylus that you get with the Galaxy Note series phones.

And if I were to pick a stylus from outside Samsung’s own product ecosystem, I’d instantly pick the Lamy AL-Star EMR Digital Pen Stylus. It has a terrific design with a body that is made out of anodized matte black aluminum. There is a plastic grip for a more ergonomic feel, while the clip ensures that it can easily latch on to your trousers or shirt like a regular pen. It has a shortcut button and supports 4,000 levels of pressure detection. Plus, there is no need for charging or replacing batteries either.


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