Samsung has done an awesome job with the design of its new Galaxy S21 series. Just like in previous iterations, we have received three models for you to choose from, the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S21 that’s now available for $799.99. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra that sells for $1,199.99, and the new Samsung Galaxy S21+, for those who don’t want to go all out but don’t want to settle for the vanilla version. It is currently selling for $999.99, and if you’re planning on getting one, you may also want to consider getting a new case to keep your device safe from possible falls.

Now, we have taken the time to select some of the best thin cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21+, which will give your new device the protection it needs without having to add extra bulk. There are several options to choose from, so take a look and decide which case fits your needs.

    Official Galaxy S21+ 5G Silicone Cover

    Comfortable and stylish

    Samsung’s Silicone Cover case is made of soft silicone that gives your phone sleek protection without having to add extra bulk, and its matte finish will also keep fingerprints away.
    Official Galaxy S21+ 5G Clear Cover

    Samsung’s essential protection

    Samsung’s official Clear Cover for the Galaxy S21 Plus is slim yet durable, and it adds a layer of protection that doesn't thicken the phone's shape.
    Organicore for Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

    Eco-Friendly protection

    Incipio’s Organicore features materials made from plants and Impact Struts Technology, to create a case that delivers 8 feet of drop protection.
    Otterbox Galaxy S21+ 5G Symmetry Series Case

    Thin and Clean

    Otterbox’s Galaxy S21 Plus 5G case that's easy to install and fortified with drop protection, that also features a silver-based antimicrobial additive.
    Spigen Galaxy S21 Plus 5G Case Liquid Air

    Slim and grip-friendly

    Spigen’s Liquid Air case for the Galaxy S21 Plus brings sleek and slim into your hands, with single layer that will give your device the protection it needs.
    Spigen Galaxy S21 Plus 5G Case Thin Fit

    Classic Protection

    Spigen’s Thin Fit case for the Galaxy S21 Plus leaves your device flawlessly fitted and guarded from everyday bumps, while managing to stay lightweight and slim.
    Nillkin Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Case

    Light-weight and stylish

    This Ultra-thin case fits your phone with high precision cutouts that allow easy access to all buttons, controls and ports, and it also features a slide cover to protect your phone’s camera.
    Zagg Gear4 Denali case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

    Clear and strong

    Havana is more than just a pretty case. It comes with reinforced top, bottom, and corners with D3O to give your device amazing drop protection.
    Olixar Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

    Great daily protection

    The Olixar Clear case for the Galaxy S21 Plus is ultra-thin and transparent, giving your device great daily protection without adding extra bulk to your phone.
    Olixar Carbon Fiber Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

    Extra protection in a slim package

    The Olixar Carbon Fiber Case for the Galaxy S21 Plus features a slim TPU body that will provide shock absorption. Its external case is coated to prevent slips, at the same time that it will improve comport and enhance grip.
    ESR Clear Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy 6.7-Inch

    Clean and clear

    The ESR Clear Case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus will give you shock-resistant protection in a slim, light and clear polymer body. In other words, you will get amazing protection in a thin package. .
    ESR Metal Kickstand Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy 6.7-Inch

    For hands free action

    ESR’s Metal Kickstand Case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is made from powerful flexible polymer that will give your device better impact protection than plastic. s
    AINOYA Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 2021 Plus 6.7 Inch

    For military grade protection

    AINOYA’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus case is made with an Anti-yellowing, military grade PC back and soft TPU silicone bumper. This is all packed together in a slim design that will give your device protection from drops of up to six feet.
    ATRAING Galaxy S21 Plus Case

    For better grip

    ATRAING’s case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is made of hard acrylic and a flexible TPU bumper. It won’t add extra weight or bulk to your new device, at the same time that it is designed to enhance your grip on the device
    Dbrand Skins for the Samsung Galaxy S21+

    For the Bold

    For those who are just looking to keep scratches away from the surface of their new Samsung Galaxy S21, a Dbrand skin may be the way to go. Customize the design of the back panel of your device with more than 20 different options.
    Totallee Case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

    A minimalist design

    Totallee’s case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus comes in two color variants. You can get it in Mate solid black or in a transparent version that features an ultra-thin minimalistic design, just 0.1 oz of added weight.
    Caseology Vault Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

    Strong yet slim protection

    The Caseology Vault case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus comes in Mate Black or Urban Grey. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Or favorite cases, or the ones that we would recommend the most, are the official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus cases from the same company that created the device. I believe that Samsung knows just how much of a beating can each of its devices receive. It’s true that the Galaxy S21 Plus may not be as fragile as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require protection. If it were my phone and my money, I would go for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G silicone cover in Black, even though there are more color options available.

However, we can also say that third-party case makers do a great job in protecting your devices. We have listed several case options from brands such as Incipio, Otterbox, Spigen, Olixar, and more, which means that you will have tons of options to choose from. We will continue to add more thin cases as more companies launch their options. Remember that this list doesn’t follow a specific order and that the price tag and the protection you get will depend on what you’re looking for.

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