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Best Galaxy S21 Plus clear cases in 2021: Get the best of both worlds!

By Nadeem Sarwar January 17, 2021, 6:00 pm
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus clear case

I’ve always despised the idea of putting a protective case on my phones, but over time, I’ve come to realize that they’re a necessary evil. Alas, that realization came after badly scratching or shattering the display of a few phones in the past. If you’ve shelled out over a thousand dollars on the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and are apprehensive about hiding its design with a case, you should check out clear cases that offer the best of both worlds – protection and flaunt value. And to save you the trouble, we have rounded up this list of the best Galaxy S21 clear case recommendations. Check it out:

esr metal kickstand case for; galaxy s21 plus

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

One of the best clear cases out there, this one not only stands out for its sheer quality, but also because of its versatility. You get a metal kickstand at the back that can rotate 60-degrees in both portrait and landscape mode.

osophter case for Galaxt s21 plus

Osophter Galaxy S21 Case

The Osophter clear case for Galaxy S21 is made out of shock-absorbing, shatterproof premium TPU and polycarbonate material. It also has reinforced corners with a noticeable bump to offer maximum protection against falls.

restoo case fo Galaxy S21 plus

Restoo Clear Protection

Restoo’s clear case for the Galaxy S21 Plus is made out of hybrid soft TPU bumper and hard polycarbonate with air cushion lined sides. It has also raised bezels to protect the camera bump as well as that gorgeous AMOLED panel.

arae case for Galaxy S21 Plus

Arae Clear Case

Made out of hardened polycarbonate that resists deformation alongside the frame and the corners, the Arae clear protective case for Galaxy S21 Plus also has an anti-fingerprint coating on top and four reinforced corners.

qitayo case for galaxy s21 plus

QITAYO Clear Case

The QITAYO Clear Case for Galaxy S21 Plus is made out of flexible, environment-friendly material that is claimed to keep your phone shielded against scratches and other forms of mechanical damage to the device.

esr clear case for galaxy s21 plus

ESR Clear Case

One of my personal favorites, the ESR Clear Case is one of the thinnest cases out there that is made out of crystal-clear polymer. It also has raised edges around the screen and the camera island for added protection.

QHOHQ case for galaxy s21 plus

QHOHQ Clear Case

If you don’t want to hide the aesthetics of your premium phone, but don’t want to compromise with safety either, the QHOHQ clear case offers a sturdy bumper frame, in-built screen protector and a finger ring kickstand.

Dzxouui clear case for Galaxy S21 plus

Dzxouui case

Another protective clear case with a clean profile, the Dzxouui offering has a hard bumper frame with a dual-layer cushion for maximum shock absorption, and raised edges to keep the camera island and display safe.

ainoya clear case for Galaxy S21 plus

AINOYA Clear Case

The most unique aspect of the Ainoya Clear case for Galaxy S21 Plus is that it has a ridged frame that employs tiny airbags for more efficient shock absorption and a better grip. Plus, it also offers material anti-yellowing properties.

Well, that concludes the list of the best Galaxy S21 Plus clear case recommendations. If your top priority is a case that does its job of protecting the Galaxy S21+ without hiding its looks and adding any heft to it, the ESR Clear Case is one of the best options out there. I can tell you from past experience that this case is extremely thin, yet quite durable and doesn’t loosen over time easily.

If you don’t mind some a few additional millimeters of width, the Dzxouui clear case should serve you well. It has a dual-layer bumper with raised bezels on both sides to offer all-around protection against accidental falls, scratches, and other forms of mechanical hazards to the pricey Samsung phone. Plus, the frame has a rubberized finish, so you don’t have to worry about the grip either. 


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