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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE TPU and Silicone Cases

By Aryan Suren January 8, 2022, 7:00 am
S21 FE Silicone and TPU Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE features a combination of hardware that is highly competitive. While the $699 price tag and late entry might be frowned upon, it is one of the most capable devices available, especially if you're looking for a phone from Samsung. So, if you plan on owning one, here are some of our best silicone or TPU case recommendations for it.

If you're looking for something more robust to ensure your phone survives in rough environments, make sure to check out our guide covering the top rugged cases for Galaxy S21 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in White

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The latest Galaxy S21 FE comes with the Snapdragon 888 powerful chipset, a large 6.4-inch AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, a 12MP primary, a 12MP ultrawide, and an 8MP telephoto sensor on the back to capture moments.


i-Blason Area Case for S21 FE

i-Blason Ares

Transparent Backed

The i-Blason Ares will provide 360-degree protection for Galaxy S21 FE with TPU bumpers and an in-built screen protector that will help prevent scratches. Its transparent polycarbonate back will also allow you to sport the color of your smartphone. The OEM also claims perfectly compatible with wireless chargers, owing to its slim design.

Samsung Clear Standing Galaxy S21 FE Case

Galaxy S21 FE 5G Clear Standing Cover

Built-in Kickstand

Clear Standing Cover for Galaxy S21 FE combines a polycarbonate backing and TPU bumper to protect from falls. The transparent look also ensures you can show off the color on your phone, while the kickstand lets you prop up your device when needed.

Samsung Clear Cover S21 FE Case

Galaxy 21 FE 5G Clear Cover

The Basic Option

Samsung's Clear Cover is a simple case to consider if you're looking to add minimal protection against falls. But if you're looking to personalize your phone further, you can also apply stickers to the accessory to make it feel more like yours.

Samsung Clear Slim Strap Cover S21 FE Case

Galaxy S21 FE 5G Clear Slim Strap Cover

For Easier Handling

The Clear Slim Strap Cover from Samsung is worth considering if you're worried about dropping your phone and would like to have a better grip on it. The case is also great for those who use their phone while in bed. It uses a TPU bumper to ensure the sides remain free from damage.

Spigen Thin Fit S21 FE Case

Spigen Thin Fit Case


Spigen's Thin Fit Case for Galaxy S21 FE is perfect if you're looking for a lightweight case that allows your phone to have an understated look. You can also use it to conceal your phone if you didn't get your preferred color option. The accessory uses a combination of polycarbonate and TPU for its construction.

Caseology Parallax Case for S21 FE

Caseology Parallax

Featuring a 3D Pattern

The Caseology Parallax is a TPU case that implements a dual-layered design, one TPU, and another polycarbonate to protect your phone from falls. Its back features a unique pattern that looks pleasing to the eyes and is available in three colors, Black, Pink, and Navy Blue.

Ringke Fusion S21 FE Case

Ringke Fusion

Extra Protection

The Ringke Fusion is the perfect accessory if you want to add a little dynamic to your phone's look with its patterned back. The TPU bumper and polycarbonate structure are part of its shock-absorbent design and will ensure your phone is safe when encased in it. It also features Ringke's QuikCatch lanyard holes to attach hand or neck straps.

Incipio Duo Galaxy S21 FE

Incipio Duo

Minimalistic & Antimicrobial

The Incipio Duo is a combination of minimalism and maximum protection. Along with the OEM's Impact Strut technology, the accessory will add 12 feet of drop protection to your Galaxy S21 FE. This soft-to-touch case is available in three colors, Black, Blue, and Red.

Samsung Silicone Cover S21 FE Case

Galaxy S21 FE 5G Silicone Cover

Soft Silicone

The Galaxy S21 FE Silicone Cover is another basic accessory from Samsung's stable that'll protect your phone while leaving it feeling soft in your hand. It's available in five colors and features holes to attach a hand strap.

Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap S21 FE Case

Galaxy 21 FE 5G Silicone Cover with Strap

Handy Design

Like the earlier listed Clear Strap Cover, the Silicone Cover with Strap is perfect for S21 FE users who want a soft feeling case with the ability to make handling even easier. Samsung also markets additional straps which you can buy to customize the look further. It's available in two options, Navy and White.

Best Buy Essentials Silicone Cover S21 FE Case

Best Buy essentials - Liquid Silicone Case

An Affordable Pick

Part of Best Buy's lineup of accessories, this Silicone Case is a simple option to buy if you don't want to add too much thought to your accessory purchase decision. It will add adequate protection with a comfortable feeling in your hand.

Caseology Nano Pop Silicone Cover S21 FE Case

Caseology Nano Pop

A Pop of Color

The Caseology Nano Pop has a two-tone color scheme that can add a nice dynamic to the look of your phone. It is available in three colors that complement any shade of the S21 FE. Caseology also assures that the device will remain compatible with wireless charging and screen protectors.

Which TPU or Silicone Case should you buy for Galaxy S21 FE?

If you ask us which cases we feel are worth considering for the Galaxy S21 FE, here are our thoughts.

For TPU options, the official cases from Samsung are bound to feature the most precise cutouts and ensure a perfect fit while allowing every feature of your phone to work flawlessly. Thus, you can't go wrong with those, and we think the Clear Slim Strap Cover is a great option. Now, if you want to add more protection while making sure your Galaxy S21 FE can show off its color, the i-Blason Ares or the patterned Ringke Fusion are our next best recommendations.

In the case of silicone, the Caseology Nano Pop features a great look and even adds protection with its raised lip design. Also, Samsung's Silicone Cover with Strap is another great option. These cases we feel are worth buying amongst the plethora of options.

What do you think of these cases for Galaxy S21 FE? Let us know in the comment section below.


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