We have great news for all of you Samsung fans waiting to upgrade your device. The new Samsung Galaxy S21 series is now official. However, we can also officially say that your new device will not include a power adapter in the box. Hence, we have decided to create a list featuring some best fast chargers for your Galaxy S21.

Sometimes getting the right charger for your new device is not as simple as it may sound. If you go online to look for options, you will probably find yourself swamped. There are tons of brands, models, colors, shapes, and more. However, we have already taken the time to pick out the best options for your Samsung Galaxy S21. We’re not only including Samsung branded accessories, as we also include products from other companies with an excellent reputation. Whatever the case, you can rest assured that any item listed in this selection will surely get your device charged up in no time.

    Samsung 45W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger

    Samsung's best wired charger

    Samsung’s most potent and fastest charger will deliver up to 45W with Power Delivery to provide the most efficient charge possible
    Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible

    Samsung's fastest wireless option

    Choose to use the Wireless Charger Convertible as a pad or a stand, and get up to 15W of wireless Fast Charge.
    Samsung Wireless Charger Pad Trio

    Fast Charge for more than one device

    Get a fast battery boost with the Fast-Charging capability, which is not as fast as wired charging, but 9W is still better than some 5w power adapters in the market
    Samsung 15W Dual Port Car Charger

    Samsung's Fast Charging on the go

    Dual fast-charging USB port output lets you power up to two devices simultaneously, and its LED blue light indicator lets you know if your device is charging correctly.
    Anker 48W 2-Port Fast Charger Adapter

    Anker's Fast Charging option of your Galaxy S21

    Charge up to two devices with 30W and 18W Power Delivery speeds. And after you’ve charged your phone, you can also charge your tablets, notebooks and more, since Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 technology is designed to work flawlessly with virtually any USB-C device.
    AUKEY 36W PD Car Charger

    AUKEY's dual 18W PD alternative

    This car charger simultaneously charges two devices in 36W total output and 18W for each port. It will also protect your devices from excessive current, overheating, overvoltage and overload thanks to its built-in safeguards.
    AUKEY Omnia 90W 3-Port Charger

    AUKEY's best option for your Galaxy S21

    Offers 90W Power Delivery 3.0 charging from a single USB-C port. You can easily charge your new Samsung Galaxy S21, a MacBook Pro or any other device that supports USB Power Delivery. Plus, its foldable plug and travel-friendly design will help you take it anywhere you want to.
    AUKEY Fast Charger 72W 3-Port with 60W Power Delivery

    AUKEY's best option for your Galaxy S21

    A powerful USB C Fast charger with a Power Delivery 3.0 output of up to 60W through its USB-C port, with 12W coming out of the USB-A ports. And you also get built-in safeguards protects your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.
    Anker 60W Power Delivery Fast Charger

    60W PD for your devices

    Anker’s signature power 3. 0 technology provides high-speed charging to virtually any device including the new Samsung Galaxy S21, or any other device that supports USB Power Delivery, since it will deliver 60W of power.

As you can see, there’s plenty of where to choose from. However, we may still want to take Samsung’s options as our best pick, as these chargers are designed for their flagships, hence the Samsung Galaxy S21. Still, that doesn’t mean that 3rd-party options are a bad choice, and more when you consider that both Anker and AUKEY offer excellent products that will charge your device in no time thanks to their Power Delivery technology.

If it were my choice and my money, I’d first go for Samsung’s 45W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger to keep it close to my nightstand. Second, I’d take Samsung’s Wireless Charger Convertible to keep on my desk or workstation to charge the phone when I’m not using it. I’d also grab the AUKEY Omnia 90W 3-Port MacBook Pro Charger to have it in my backpack. That way, I’d have enough power to juice my Samsung Galaxy S21 and any other device that needs some juice. Finally, I would also grab the Anker 48W 2-Port Fast Charger Adapter that would allow me to charge two devices while on the road.

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