Android Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop brings with it a lot of new features and functionality, and it just looks nicer – but that’s not my favorite part. My favorite feature of Android Lollipop, believe it or not, is the setup process!

The first thing you’ll see when you power on your Lollipop-powered smartphone or tablet is the welcome screen. The screen itself looks beautiful. After you select your language and locale you’re asked if you want to connect to your WiFi network to download all the settings and apps using that network rather than your cellular data plan. Once you connect you’ll be asked if you want to upgrade from an old Android-powered phone. If it’s got NFC and Bluetooth, simply tap the back of that phone to your new phone and the next several steps in the process will happen automatically.

If you don’t have an old device you’re upgrading from (or it doesn’t include NFC or Bluetooth), log into (or create) your Google account. Once that’s been completed, the Lollipop setup process will begin pulling down your apps and their settings. If you’ve been using the Google Now Launcher, this even includes the layout of icons, folders, and widgets on your homescreens. Finally!

It’s really an impressive process, and one that’s done very elegantly. Go ahead and hit play to see the whole process, and why I feel that best feature of Android Lollipop is its automatic setup process.

Best Feature of Android Lollipop

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