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Best cases for the new 13-inch Macbook Pro

By Nadeem Sarwar January 11, 2021, 2:00 pm
best cases for 13inch macbook pro

Apple’s new MacBook Pro powered by the in-house M1 silicon is out, and everyone appears to be mighty impressed with the performance boost they bring to the table. If you’re eying one right now, it appears that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. But irrespective of whether you’re getting the new M1-powered MacBook Pro, or want to hold on to your previous-generation MacBook Pro with essentially the same design, you need to protect your computing machines. And the best way to do so is with a case. But don’t you worry about the trouble of searching endless Amazon and Best Buy product pages, as we’ve compiled this nifty list of the best cases for the new 13-inch Macbook Pro. Have a look:

MOFT Invisible carry case macbook pro

MOFT Sleeve Invisible Stand

The almost perfect solution for protecting your MacBook Pro. The MOFT sleeve turns into a full-fledged laptop stand with two angular positions and capable of withstanding 10kg weight. Plus, the sleeve also has pockets for carrying accessories.

Mujjo leather sleeve macbook pro

Mujjo Leather Sleeve

Mujjo is known for making some terrific protective gear for smartphones using high-quality materials, and this leather sleeve for MacBook Pro is no exception. Made out of wool felt and vegetable tanned leather, this is both stylish and sturdy.

InCase slim sleeve for macbook pro

Incase Slim Woolenex Sleeve

Made from 300D and 600D polyester, the Woolenex offers high tensile strength while remaining lightweight. This minimalist case will keep liquid and abrasive elements at bay, while the padding inside will shield the MacBook Pro against drops.

speck smart shell macbook pro case

Speck Smart Shell

Speck claims that its translucent case for the MacBook Pro is 27% stronger than the competition while the corner clips are also said to be 60% more effective. This case has a neat, form-fitting design and can keep scuffs and scratches miles away.

incase snap jacket for macbook pro

Incase Snap Jacket

The Incase Snap Jacket is an ultra-thin and lightweight case that offers a form-fitting design to keep your MacBook Pro in pristine shape. It looks clean with minimal branding and you can pick from a variety of cool colors.

mosiso macbook pro case

Mosiso Hard Shell

The Mosiso hard shell plastic case for the MacBook Pro is quite slim and light, but is strong enough to keep scrapes and scratches at bay. It also comes with a screen protector, four anti-slip feet, and two rows of bottom ventilations.

urban armor gear macbook pro case

Urban Armor Gear

The Urban Armor Gear UAG case for the MacBook Pro is claimed to offer military-grade protection against accidental drops. It has impact resistant bumpers, non-slip tactile grip, dual lock screen closure and cooling vents at the bottom.

pro case slim hard shell macbook pro case

ProCase Slim Shell

This slim hard shell case by ProCase comes with a folding kickstand of its own. The shock-proof Procase slim protective case has a heavy-duty armor shell with shock-absorbent bumper, a transparent shell and open vent design to ensure air flow.

urban armor gear translucent macbook pro case

Urban Armor Clear

Urban Armor Gear’s military-grade clear case for the MacBook Pro has impact resistant bumpers and a tactile grip for secure handling even when the surface is wet. It also offers a dual lock screen closure mechanism and cooling vents underneath.

procase macbook pro hard shell case

ProCase Hard Shell

If you’re looking for a hard shell case that is sturdy and not too bulky either, the ProCase hard shell case is the one you should get. It lacks any branding, has a soft rubberized surface, rocks an easy snap on design and comes in a ton of colors.

luvcase macbook pro hard shell case

LuvCase Hard Shell

Tired of bland-looking cases with dull colors and no identity of their own? The LuvCase hard shell MacBook Pro case comes in a wide range of beautiful shades and patterns. It has a rubberized exterior finish for grip and bottom vents to maintain air flow.

belka macbook pro case bling finish

Belka Glitter Macbook Case

If solid shades and gaudy patterns don’t cut it for you, how about some glitter finish? The Belka hard shell case for the MacBook Pro comes in a wide array of sparkly shades on top of a PU leather surface finish for maximum protection and a jazzy look.

ibenzer hexpact macbook pro case


This rugged case has a dual-layer design made of durable polycarbonate and also features rubberized corner stands to ensure proper air flow beneath the vent cutouts. There are skid pads underneath and impact-resistant bumpers on the sides.

bluebonet macbook pro leather case


Bluebonnet’s PU leather case has an exterior pen holder, a pocket for notebooks and a magnetic clasp for a secure closure experience. There is also a kickstand at the bottom, but more importantly, it looks really neat and professional.

ibenzer macbook pro clear case

Ibenzer Clear Case

This clear case by Ibenzer is made out of sturdy yet lightweight plastic that will protect the device against scratches and scrapes. It has micro clips to securely attach with the MacBook Pro and are easy to remove as well. Plus, you don’t have to worry about vents either.

If I were to pick a favorite, the Urban Armor Gear UAG case would be my go-to purchase for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The impact-resistant armor shell and reinforced corners will ensure that the machine remains in pristine shape, and the tactile grip is of great convenience as well. Plus, this military-grade is also transparent, which means it won’t hide the looks of your space gray or silver MacBook Pro.

However, if military-grade strength was not my top priority, I’d go with the Speck SmartShell case would be at the top of my shopping list. This see-through case comes in a bevy of cool colors to choose from, while the rear corner clips are claimed to be capable of withstanding up to 34lbs of force to prevent breakage. This is one case that offers a good blend of durability, minimalism, and aesthetic choices.


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