Best Buy bundles unlocked Galaxy Note 8 and S8 with free gift card and wireless charger

This may typically be the worst time of the year to go out shopping for a new smartphone or any sort of a consumer electronics product, but Best Buy doesn’t seem to care much about traditional holiday cutoffs and discount schedules.

While the Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+ have gone back up to their list prices across most authorized US retailers, with and without installment plans, no freebies included anymore, Best Buy has decided to stay in the gift-giving spirit.

Those still in the market for Samsung’s 2017 crown jewels can no longer get upfront discounts, but the three unlocked flagship phones come with a nice pair of bonuses, which feels like the textbook definition of the next best thing.

No matter which of the three devices you’re looking to purchase free of contractual obligations and carrier restrictions, you’ll see one of them fancy blue fast charge wireless chargers automatically added to your cart.

Compatible with “most” QI-enabled devices, including Apple’s new iPhones, the complimentary wireless charging pad is normally worth around $25. But that’s not all you’ll receive with your US unlocked Galaxy Note 8, S8 or S8+ order, as a $100 e-gift card will also head your way after the phone is shipped or picked up in a physical store.

All in all, you save $125 or so on a mobile device accessory and future Best Buy purchase, but first, you still need to cough up $725 for a black or blue Galaxy S8, $825 for a black or blue S8+, or $950 for a black, blue or gray Note 8. You obviously get a warranty and full nationwide network support as well.

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