Best Buy to Carry Micro HDMI Dock for Sprint HTC EVO 4G

The dock for the HTC EVO 4G smartphone from Sprint will be made available in time at Best Buy retail stores according to the retailer’s advertisement for the smartphone.

The dock features two prongs–one for the micro HDMI and the other for the micro USB connector–to charge, synchronize, and output to an HDMI TV source for a larger picture experience. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G will be among the first smartphones on the market to take advantage of the new HDMI 1.4 standard, which allows for the micro HDMI connection.

According to a recent test done by PC Mag, results with the HDMI port on the EVO 4G were mixed. As with iPad and iPhone, some apps did not allow for TV output, including Sprint’s own Sprint TV application, an Internet streaming TV app. Like the competing iPhone and iPad, a mirroring of the device’s display was not possible with an HDMI cable. Instead, only certain things worked with the TV out feature, including photos (slideshows) and videos. Unfortunately, PC Mag said that even presentations were stuck on the device, which is a shame since the EVO 4G could be a good enterprise-ready smartphone.

PC Mag reports, “We tried the cable with two TVs, a Samsung and a ViewSonic. The Viewsonic TV read our signal as 480p and delivered a horribly blocky, artifact-filled image. The Samsung TV did better. A stored, 640-by-480 MPEG4 video played smoothly, although there were some visible artifacts. An H.264 video displayed horrible artifacting in any scene with much movement.”

Although the dock is reported as “coming soon,” pricing was not disclosed at the time.

(via: Android and Me)

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