Here’s Best Buy’s story of selling the iPhone XS Max

Most industry sources claim that Apple isn’t having the best go this year with its newest iPhones. While the impacts have varied from company to company down the supply chain, the demand side has definitely seen a natural slump in sales since they first started in October.

As far as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are concerned, market research firm Thinknum has compiled sales ranking data from the largest third-party iPhone retailer in the United States, Best Buy. It has given a day-to-day breakdown on how well each model has sold relative to all the products Best Buy has sold in a given day.

Keep in mind that this dataset does not extrapolate to raw sales numbers and omits the iPhone XR from its review. We also don’t have references to the previous year with how the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X sold at just this one big box tech store chain.

That said, the numbers do seem to support the more expensive and larger iPhone XS Max with the entry-level memory option of 64GB being most popular on both the Max and the XS. Keep in mind that the lower the number listed, the better it performed.

iPhone XS Peak date Peak rank 11/10 rank 12/10 rank
64GB 10/4 2690 5920 7450
256GB 10/4 3650 8580 9960
512GB 10/6 17100 27300 38100
Average 10/4 7610 13400 18500
iPhone XS Max Peak date Peak rank 11/10 rank 12/10 rank
64GB 10/4 1420 3820 5690
256GB 10/4 1540 5040 6630
512GB 10/6 7380 14500 15800
Average 10/4 3450 7790 9370

While the iPhone XS was generally less popular through this time, the decay in the iPhone XS Max’s popularity is slightly faster. This is all in spite of indirect discount schemes to support new model sales.

Full details and charts are available at the source link below this story.

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