Best Buy and Sprint join Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-order party: all the numbers and dates

You didn’t really think Best Buy and Sprint would miss out on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ “Infinity Display” love, now, did you? As it turns out, the big box retailer and America’s fourth largest carrier are joining today’s online pre-order party, closely following Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile’s suit in terms of pricing.

But Best Buy has a couple of nice exclusive deals to offer on top of the Gear VR freebies available everywhere, shaving $50 off the operators’ regular Galaxy S8 fees, and 100 extra bucks off the S8 Plus.

For instance, a smaller Verizon-locked S8 will set you back $27.91 a month for two years from Best Buy instead of Big Red’s $30 ask, amounting to a grand total of $50 in savings. Meanwhile, BB wants AT&T customers to cough up just $25 a month for 30 months, down from $28.34, which results in a $100 long-term discount.

The retailer promises to ship the two phones in Verizon, AT&T and Sprint-specific flavors on the same April 21 date as the networks themselves, with unlocked models possibly coming a little later. Namely, on May 9, according to $725 and $825 listings that seem to have been pulled for some reason.

Finally, Sprint’s own pre-sales are underway at $750 and $850 SRPs for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ respectively, with a Gear VR bundle thrown in, and April 21 availability scheduled. That’s also when Now Network subsidiaries Boost and Virgin Mobile plan to release the compact giants, and remember, no matter where you’ll purchase them from, a pair of premium Harman AKG earbuds, separately worth $99, will be provided in the box. Bottom line, you should be getting plenty of bang for your buck nationwide.

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