Best Buy’s latest Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact deal is the best you can find on a pint-sized flagship

Can you do better than the Xperia XZ1 Compact right now at a similar price? Absolutely. But can you find a similarly powerful “pocket-sized” phone… in any price bracket? Not really.

That makes this Snapdragon 835-packing 4.6-incher probably the most appealing of Sony’s many discounted handhelds of late, which is why we’re glad to see Best Buy one-up Amazon, even though the two retailers’ deals are perhaps still not ideal.

While you can find the black Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact for $504.99 on, with blue, “Twilight Pink” and “White Silver” variants fetching $550 a pop, Best Buy has all four flavors on special sale on and offline at $549.99 with $50 gift cards included.

Assuming you’ll use the coupon to purchase something else at a nice discount down the line, which could make the upcoming Black Friday celebration even more fun, that basically means you’re getting the XZ1 Compact in your preferred coat of paint at only 500 bucks.

Not too shabby for a diminutive flagship Android running Oreo out the box, with Super slow motion video recording skills, stereo speakers, high-resolution audio, water and dust protection, 3D Creator functionality, 4GB RAM, fast-charging 2700mAh battery, and expandable 32GB storage.

You can activate the unlocked device on your GSM network of choice, and you’re also covered by a standard US warranty. There’s no expiration date listed for Best Buy’s new deal, but don’t count on it lasting forever.

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