Verizon’s confirmed that Samsung’s Droid Charge will be arriving this Thursday, April 28, and though we haven’t gotten any official statement that the HTC Droid Incredible 2 will be joining it, all indications from leaked documents suggest that it, too, will be going up for sale. Just days away from their anticipated releases, both phones are making an appearance in Best Buy’s Mobile Phone Buyer’s Guide for May.

We spotted a placeholder page Verizon’s erected for the Incredible 2, and if that and the rumored release this week weren’t enough, accessories for the new Droid have been arriving at Verizon retail locations since the beginning of the month. Heck, we’ve even seen the smartphone’s manual in its entirety; nearly everything except for a Verizon confirmation itself.

The Best Buy guide doesn’t include pricing info for the phones, but expect the Incredible 2 to go for around $200. The Charge’s price is a little harder to nail down; Verizon will be selling it for nearly $300, but Walmart and online retailers are knocking another $50 off that. If it’s to be competitive, expect Best Buy to follow suit.

Look for both Droids to arrive this Thursday, barring any unforeseen move by Verizon to delay the Incredible 2’s release.

Source: Best Buy

Thanks: anonymous

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