Redditor /u/GroveStreetHomie kicked up some controversy on /r/Google by posting a story on how they obtained a next-generation Chromecast without meaning to.

The person went to pick up a Chromecast for a new TV from their local Best Buy and found units on the shelves with a new box design. When a box was scanned at the register, the inventory system checked its release date as October 9 — the same day as when Google is holding its hardware event.

“But since I already had it in my hand and was the same price as the 2nd generation Chromecast, they let me have it under the old SKU,” GroveStreetHomie wrote.

The Redditor found a few changes from the second-gen Chromecast including a thicker body with a matte top surface as opposed to a glossy one while the Chrome logo at bottom is replaced with a Google ‘G’ lettermark. The device retains a micro-USB port and removed the magnets for the HDMI connector to tuck to the bottom of the device.

Most of the 700-plus comments on the thread were related to television purchasing recommendations while others chastised the Best Buy employee for allowing a product out that wasn’t “street-ready.”

“Breaking street date could terminate vendor agreements, same as breaking NDAs, as this is an unannounced product,” said compjunkie888. “And there is no manager override for street date, only way to get around it is to ring it up as a different product which will make [current inventory managers] mad.”

On its face, the hardware changes might seem all bad, but we’ll have to learn more when the event happens. Pocketnow will be covering it live from New York.

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