Best Buy massively discounts Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Classic in refurb condition

There have been numerous occasions in the past few months for prospective buyers of the delightful Samsung Gear S2 to jump on the Tizen smartwatch bandwagon without paying an arm and a leg. But if you missed Adorama’s $200 deal, as well as AT&T and Verizon’s free bundle combinations, or felt you could do better, today’s a lovely day to pull the trigger.

Both the elastomer-strapped model and the extra-stylish Gear S2 Classic, complete with a black leather band, go for all-time low prices at Best Buy. Namely, $139 and $174 respectively. That’s a whopping $160 and $175 off list, though Amazon currently charges $249 and $299 for the two circular wearable pieces instead of $300 and $350.

Still, you’re looking at hefty savings of at least 110 and 125 bucks respectively, which begs the obvious question – what’s the catch? For one thing, BB and Samsung are probably trying to incentivize customers thinking more than ever about the Apple Watch following recent discounts.

But the main catch is these aren’t brand-new Gear S2 and S2 Classic units. They’re certified refurbished, meaning someone dabbled with them before asking for a refund. Any cause for damage concern? Not at all, since they’re professionally restored to out-the-box condition and thoroughly tested before seeking a second, more loving owner.

Besides, they even come with 90-day warranties, and you’re free to return them if they present signs of deterioration. Stop hesitating therefore, and purchase one while you can. Already, the refurb Gear S2 Classic is unavailable online, signaling rampant demand… or very low inventory. Either way, you need to hurry.

Source: Best Buy

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