Best Buy takes $200 off US unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge, also selling Verizon variant for only $312

Don’t you find it a little weird that Samsung and third-party US retailers have been repeatedly discounting the hot new Galaxy S8 and S8+ lately instead of offering the old but still compelling S7 and S7 Edge at special prices?

One could interpret this quiet on the Samsung Galaxy S7 deal front as a sign of steady demand even 16 months after the previous flagship duo’s commercial debut, though Best Buy is now all of a sudden disturbing the complete silence with two sweet promos.

Officially updated to Android 7.0 Nougat just a couple of months back, the unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge shaves $200 off its excessive MSRP to cost $469.99 for a limited time in titanium silver or gold.

This is the SM-G935U variant, mind you, which boggled the mind with unusually poor software support, nonetheless featuring all the necessary bands to squeeze the most out of Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE coverage. No compromises, no corners cut, and a standard manufacturer’s warranty included.

But if you already know Verizon is your network, and don’t have a problem committing to a 24-month payment plan, why not save $158 more getting a Big Red-locked black onyx or silver titanium model?

That brings the total cost of a dual-curved, Quad HD screen-sporting, 4GB RAM-packing GS7 Edge all the way down to $312, or $12.99 x 24. This phone isn’t always on sale, but when it is, the savings are sure massive.

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