There’s no doubting or denying it anymore. Samsung’s “next big thing” is a massive box-office hit. But it’s not all due to the return of the microSD slot or water-resistant designs. A main catalyst for the surprisingly rampant demand thus far has been sensible pricing, shrewdly combined with various early promotions, especially stateside.

There are still many ways you can buy the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on the cheap from plenty of carriers and third-party retailers, including BOGO arrangements, compelling bundles and outright $150 discounts through Walmart.

Meanwhile, Best Buy just kicked off a trade-in program whose terms and conditions almost feel too sweet to be true. And yet they are, both sweet and true, allowing you to score an on-contract Samsung Galaxy S7 for $1.

First of all, yes, some carriers still do contracts via BB. Namely, Verizon and Sprint, charging the once standard $200 and up for the GS7 with 24-month agreements. You can easily slash that off now by ditching any old phone in decent working condition, intact screen and all.

Alternatively, the physical store-only special offer lets you sign up to a device payment plan on AT&T, Verizon or Sprint, get the Galaxy S7 for $0 down, and additionally, receive a “guaranteed” $200 gift card, valid on all subsequent Best Buy acquisitions, on or offline.

What you should be a little wary of is, while the large advertising copy suggests any working pre-owned phone will net you $200 savings, the small print ambiguously states “not all phones are eligible for trade-in and trade-in value may vary.” Not so guaranteed after all, that cool voucher.

Source: Best Buy

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