Best Buy’s ‘new’ iPad comes with free $25 gift card, trade-ins get you extra savings

It’s launch day for Apple’s (unexciting) new iPad and that swanky (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 special edition, with the company’s own e-store and third-party retailers ready to accept your order before shipping the iterative iDevices next week.

Unlike the competition of course, the Cupertino-based profit machine has no savings to offer or any sort of deals in the pipeline, making Best Buy’s modest $25 gift card freebie bundled with the latest 9.7-inch iPad feel like a godsend.

Even better, if you swing by a BB brick and mortar location between today (technically, Tuesday, March 21) and April 15, you can trade in a working iPad mini 2, mini 3, mini 4, Air, Air 2 or Pro, and get a “minimum” $150 coupon.

Use that towards your “new” iPad purchase, and the $330 starting price with 32GB internal storage and Wi-Fi-only connectivity drops to $180 or lower, plus there’s the additional $25 voucher you can save for future Best Buy shopping. The trade-in program’s conditions look fairly standard, excluding devices that are cracked, water-damaged or that lack power. All things considered, those are some decent discounts on an otherwise unimpressive iPad Air 2 replacement with A9 processing speed.

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