If you can’t radically redesign a phone, at least make it affordable while slightly more powerful, thinner and prettier. That’s the recently unveiled Moto Z2 Play compared to last year’s Z Play in a nutshell, although not everyone took kindly to Lenovo’s battery size downgrade from 3510 to 3000 mAh.

Still, at $408 outright, or $17 a month for two years, from its exclusive US carrier supporter, the Snapdragon 626-powered 5.5-incher arguably provides plenty of bang. Even better, Verizon throws in a brand-new JBL SoundBoost 2 Moto Mod at no extra cost for early adopters.

Believe it or not, Best Buy manages to beat Big Red’s generosity right off the bat, promising the same $80-worth gift that’s technically fulfilled by Motorola and shaving 50 bucks off the Z2 Play’s list price… with a monthly installment plan.

Instead of coughing up $17 every 30 days, you’ll spend just $14.91, resulting in a grand total of $358. The deal is predictably time-limited, valid between today and August 8, with credit approval and a wireless service plan required of “well-qualified” Verizon customers. No down payment necessary.

In semi-related news, the JBL SoundBoost 2 speaker accessory itself is headed to Motorola.com on July 10, followed by Best Buy at the end of the month, and Verizon and “various” other retailers beginning August 10.

There’s also a $79.99 TurboPower Pack Moto Mod slated for a July 30 Best Buy release and nationwide August 10 expansion, a slew of $40 Style Shells with Wireless Charging available at Best Buy starting July 30 as well, while the highly anticipated Moto GamePad is still vaguely due out “later this summer.”

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