Best Buy takes LG G5 discounts to a whole new level with $240 Sprint bargain (and more)

How low can a previous-generation LG flagship go in anticipation of Sunday’s raucous “Like a G6” MWC launch? The bar was already set pretty low by Best Buy back in December, with $350 carrier-locked G5 offers, though very recent V20 deals made even more headlines, despite slightly higher prices.

Now, we know last fall’s phablet is faster, all-around cooler, and less… weird than the spring 2016-released modular 5.3-incher, but at just $240, you might be inclined to forgive and forget some of G5’s faults.

That sounds too good low to be true, but for a no doubt limited time only, Best Buy charges $9.99 a month over two years with monthly installment plans from Sprint, which is a massive $336 off the Nougat-powered smartphone’s usual price on the “Now Network.”

Even better, BB and Sprint throw in an additional free 3-piece accessory bundle, including an LG G5 charging cradle, spare slide-out battery and USB-C adapter, typically worth $90. Crazy good deal on a… not-so-bad mobile device featuring Quad HD screen resolution, Snapdragon 820 processing power, 4GB RAM, expandable 32GB internal storage, dual 16 + 8MP rear cameras, 8MP front shooter, fingerprint recognition, and of course, a user-removable battery.

Not a fan of newly revised Unlimited Freedom? While not quite as dirt-cheap, Verizon and AT&T’s own LG G5 versions are also discounted through Best Buy, to $15 a month for two years and $12 x 30 respectively, equating to $360 in both cases, accessory bundles included. Good luck resisting temptation!

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