Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20

Best Buy has recently decided to close its stores all over the United States to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep purchasing your devices, just forget to go inside the stores, since there’s another way to get them.

“Only employees will be allowed in the store,” the company said in an email blast and press release yesterday, “but we are determined to serve you as fully as we can. Unfortunately, we are temporarily unable to continue our product trade-in and recycling services.”

Best Buy stores will appear closed on the outside, but their employees will be inside working regularly. If you wish to get a new device, you can complete your purchase online or via the Best Buy app. Then, you will drive to the closest Best Buy location and stay in your car until one of its employees comes directly to your vehicle to deliver it. You can take this as a new drive-thru format that will help in preventing possible infections of the coronavirus.

Best Buy has also announced changes to the way its home services work:

“Beginning Monday, March 23, we will no longer deliver these large products into your home and will, instead, offer free doorstep delivery. This means we will take the item as close as we possibly can to the front door of your home without bringing it inside. We know that this change will be inconvenient, and we are truly sorry. It was made with our employees’ and your best interests at heart. If you have an order scheduled for installation in the next 30 days, please expect an email or text from Best Buy about your delivery options.”

Source BGR

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