Best Buy has 32GB iPhone 7 Plus deal, but only through carrier financing

Best Buy was caught up in a bit of a kerfuffle recently after it made the decision to sell “unactivated” iPhones for a surcharge when compared to through a carrier’s equipment installment plan. It still does, though it tells its customers upfront that it needs to compensate for the money it doesn’t get from the carriers through unactivated sales.

But it has come back with a deal for the iPhone 7 Plus — and if you feel that $799 is too much for an iPhone 8 Plus, you’ll definitely appreciate an extra discount besides just the year-on $100 chop.

The discount takes the cost of a 32GB unt down from an already-discounted $670 to $570 on a 24-month financing plan on Sprint or Verizon and a 20- or 30-month plan on AT&T. The 128GB SKUs are not eligible for discount.

No telling when this deal will end, so if you think you can get by with a very capable iPhone that’s only just one year off, have a think about it.

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