Best Buy shaves $350 off Galaxy S9 price, $450 off S9 Plus with monthly Verizon payments

There has been no shortage of Galaxy S9 and S9+ deals since Samsung’s newest flagship phones made their commercial global debut a little over a month ago, but so far, you’ve had to jump through various hoops to score significant discounts. We’re talking mainly BOGO arrangements and hefty trade-in savings stateside, with the occasional small gift offered by Best Buy or the world-leading Korean smartphone vendor without asking for much.

Hands down the greatest, simplest special offer yet is available right now on Best Buy’s website and in select physical stores, allowing you to save up to a whopping $450, no trade-in required and (almost) no strings attached whatsoever. All you have to do is purchase the Galaxy S9 or S9+ with a two-year Verizon device payment plan.

After a $150 instant discount and bill credits of $8.33 a month, you’ll only cough up a total of $442 ($18.41 a month for two years) for the smaller GS9 with 4GB RAM and a single rear-facing camera, instead of its usual $792 price at Big Red. That represents a cool $350 markdown, while the S9+ includes the same $150 instant discount, as well as $12.50 monthly bill credits. Hence, you’ll be paying $19.25 a month, and not $38, amounting to a measly $462, down from $912.

That’s 462 bucks for a 6.2-inch “Infinity Display” hero with dual 12MP “main” shooters, a single 8MP selfie cam, 6GB RAM, a well-positioned fingerprint reader, and surprising things like durability and audio performance highlighted in the latest Consumer Reports review calling the S9 and S9 Plus the world’s best all-around smartphones.

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