Best Buy takes $100 off Galaxy S8 and S8+ prices with installments, wireless chargers are free

Still hunting for the best possible Galaxy S8 or S8+ bargain, even with T-Mobile willing to give a unit away for free as part of a BOGO package? Not too bothered by the phones’ small but growing flaws, or how they don’t seem to offer a lot more than some of their affordable “mid-range” rivals?

As always, Best Buy has you covered with some of the best deals around on the world’s hottest gadgets. Between today, May 18, and Saturday the 20th only, the retailer shaves $100 off the typical prices of both S8 variants in a full range of paint jobs, also throwing in complimentary fast charge wireless charging stands on and offline.

The catch? We wouldn’t exactly call it that, but you do need to commit to a Verizon, AT&T or Sprint monthly installment plan to take advantage of the two promos, and you can even combine them with Samsung’s own “Entertainment Kit” special offer including half a year of Netflix, a Clear View standing cover and 64GB EVO+ microSD card.

Back to BB’s time-limited gift and discounts, let us mention the wireless charging accessory is separately worth around $60, while the $100 grand savings are of course split in tiny monthly deductions.

For instance, instead of coughing up $30 each month for two years to own Verizon’s smaller Galaxy S8, you’ll now pay $25.83. Or $29.83 for an S8+, or $21.66 and $24.99 respectively for 30 months with AT&T service, or $27.08 and $31.25 respectively for 24 months on Sprint. All in all, you’ll still spend a small fortune, but you also get pretty great value and a whole bunch of deal sweeteners.

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