The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are by no means flops, unlike you know what other slim-bezeled phone, so Samsung and its extensive network of US retail partners probably don’t need deals, discounts and special offers to keep the two “Infinity Display” flagships in the limelight.

But the profit margins are still thick enough that everyone can afford to throw in the occasional incentive and try to convince potential buyers on the fence about spending a small fortune here.

If you haven’t yet pulled the trigger on BOGO or trade-in programs, maybe Best Buy can seal the deal by giving away $200 gift cards with acquisitions of US unlocked models. You know, the ones that may or may not get software updates before all the others, and that you’re free to activate on whatever network, full LTE support in tow and everything.

The SM-G950U, aka unlocked Galaxy S8, costs $724.99, while the SM-G955U (S8+) fetches $824.99 before letting you shave 200 bucks off a separate Best Buy order.

Looking to cough up nada upfront, and still get the cream of the Android crop? BB and Sprint can hook you up with a $480 coupon for a new line of activation on the Now Network’s lease program, or up to $400 in savings if you go for a standard monthly installment plan. The details, numbers and restrictions are a little convoluted, but bottom line, if you like Sprint and high-end Samsung phones, Best Buy is the place to do your shopping right now.

Finally, a highly trusted eBay seller (never-msrp) currently charges just $600 and $690 for factory unlocked international Galaxy S8 and S8+ variants respectively, which is also pretty advantageous.

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