What could be sweeter than a complimentary $300 gift card soon to be offered with Galaxy Note 8 purchases on monthly payment plans at Walmart, or free Gear 360 cameras straight from Samsung?

How about a substantial $350 device markdown? No catches, no coupons involved and no strings attached… aside from the typical installment plan requirement. And mind you, we’re not talking up to $350 savings here, but a flat 350 bucks shaved off the regular prices of Verizon and Sprint-locked Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+ variants over at Best Buy.

You don’t have to wait until Black Friday either and frantically refresh the retailer’s website at your Thanksgiving family dinner table, as the discounts are already valid, both on and offline.

Obviously, Samsung’s “standard” Galaxy S8 is the most affordable of the trio, fetching just $15.41 or $16.66 a month for two years with Verizon and Sprint activations respectively on device payment arrangements.

That adds up to $369.84 and $399.84, down from $720 and $750. Meanwhile, a Galaxy S8+ costs $465.84 and $499.92 all in all for a limited time with similar Verizon and Sprint deals requiring you to cough up $19.41 and $20.83 a month respectively instead of $34 and $35.42.

But by far the most compelling of these three early Black Friday promos is the one essentially bringing the Note 8’s price down to $585.84 and $609.84 for Verizon and Sprint subscribers respectively. That’s not exactly ultra-affordable, but it’s a lot better than $936 and $960. And yes, you can even choose the snazzy new Deepsea Blue paint job.

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