New Verizon subscribers can get a free Moto Z Play from Best Buy, $20 a month Z Force

Verizon’s exclusive US launch of a carrier-locked Moto Z2 Play is definitely right around the corner, likely followed by a “standard” second-gen Z and a state-of-the-art Z2 Force also headed for T-Mobile and Sprint sometime this summer.

Sounds like there’s no reason to look back at the original Moto Z, Z Play and Z Force from last year, at least not for their regular prices. But the three modular phones have been frequently discounted over the past few months, culminating in a sweet joint Best Buy deal perfectly timed before the sequels start selling.

This is unlikely to last very long, especially as far as the lower-end Moto Z Play is concerned. The Snapdragon 625-powered 5.5-incher typically costs $408 outright in a Droid edition, which you can now choose to pay in 24 monthly installments of $5.99.

That only amounts to a crazy low $143.76, of course, for Verizon subscribers in a position to get an upgrade. New lines, meanwhile, are eligible for free first-gen Z Play units, no questions asked, no strings attached. Except for a two-year Big Red commitment, we’re guessing.

The latest Moto Z Droid and Z Droid Force special offers don’t come close to the Z Play’s extreme affordability, but given the extra bang you’re receiving, $9.99 and $19.99 a month respectively isn’t a lot of dough.

The resulting $240 and $480 totals are good for both new and upgrading VZW customers shopping at Best Buy online and offline… for the time being. And yes, you’re saving plenty across the board, as the Z and Z Force normally start at $620 and $720 or so respectively.

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