In store only, Best Buy will give you a free iPhone SE with iPhone 7 or 7 Plus for Sprint

Still thinking of getting both an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and a lower-end SE model, maybe for yourself and a not-that-demanding friend or relative? Best Buy will hook you up with a pretty sweet bundle deal in physical stores only through February 2, relinquishing the cost of the cheaper 2016 iPhone as long as you purchase or lease the pricier device for Sprint, and sign up to a pair of new service lines, or 1 new line and an eligible upgrade.

It sounds a little convoluted, and you do need to jump through a few hoops, including activation of Unlimited Freedom or Best Buy One plans for new line (s). But at the end of the day, you won’t be paying a dime on a 16GB iPhone SE, typically fetching at least $14.13 a month, or a grand total of $339 and up.

By the way, yes, monthly installment agreements are required if you don’t want to merely lease that iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, with payments starting at $27 and $32 respectively. Certain Sprint-specific SKUs also qualify for free $50 or $100 Best Buy e-gift cards, although we presume that particular deal is not valid in-store as well.

Finally, it’s important to highlight the iPhone SE freebie depends on no doubt limited inventory, so you may not want to wait all the way up to February 2.

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