Best Buy throws in free gift card with early Sony Xperia XZ2 orders

It certainly didn’t take Sony long to unveil a significantly sharper, slightly larger and overall more “Premium” variant of a flagship phone announced at MWC 2018 just a couple of months back, and predictably enough, it didn’t take Best Buy long to mark down the latter product either.

The non-Premium Sony Xperia XZ2 barely made its US commercial debut a few weeks ago, staying exclusive to Best Buy until May 20, when it’s supposed to expand to Amazon and “other participating retailers”, alongside the smaller and cheaper XZ2 Compact.

Technically, the 5.7-inch Full HD+ XZ2 is still available at its $799.99 list price, but if you hurry, you can also get a $100 e-gift card for no extra cost. That effectively means the phone is discounted to $699.99, which feels a little more reasonable for what’s hardly a looker, with a single rear-facing camera in tow and a 4GB RAM/64GB internal storage combination that isn’t exactly earth-shattering.

Of course, said single shooter on the back of the Xperia XZ2 is capable of Super slow motion video recording at 960fps in Full HD, with powerful stereo speakers, a unique Dynamic Vibration System, Snapdragon 845 processing muscle and the world’s “best battery performance of the leading premium smartphones” also among its key strengths and selling points.

You can choose from liquid black, ash pink, deep green and liquid silver paint jobs, and the free $100 e-coupon will be e-mailed after your handset is “received, shipped, or picked up in store.” That’s right, store pickups are also eligible for the deal, but alas, XZ2 Compact purchases are not.

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