Pocketnow Poll: Best BoomSound Speakers? HTC 10 or One M9?

HTC made some significant changes to the BoomSound hardware on the HTC 10. The One M7 introduced us to the joys of front facing stereo speakers on a phone, and the One M8 and M9 continued that design. The 10 shifts things around though. Likely a necessity to include the fingerprint sensor on the front face, we no longer have true stereo playback. Instead the top speaker, which doubles as the phone call earpiece, produces most of the high pitched and mid range audio, while a bottom firing speaker fills in the lower mids and bass.

htc 10 front speaker best boomsound speakersIt’s an interesting experiment to be sure, and there’s been much discussion over the pros and cons of this arrangement, but we want to hear from you! We’ve recorded samples from the HTC 10, One M9, and we’re using the Galaxy S7 as a baseline. The video embedded below explains the test setup for the samples we recorded, and the poll is built into that video. Hit the “i” in the upper right corner for more information while the video is playing to vote. We’ve provided quick links below the video embed to take you directly to each speaker test. We’ll announce the results in a future episode of the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast!

Which phone has the best BoomSound speakers? YOU DECIDE!

Phone Audio Samples

HTC 10 Samples
HTC One M9 Samples
Galaxy S7 Samples

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