If you’re looking for Apple Watch screen protectors, we’re rounding our favorites up for you. The Apple Watch is not only a life companion, but it’s also a fashion statement. It could be your best gym buddy or personal trainer, just as well as it can be an accouterment complementing your attire. We already rounded up some of the best Apple Watch bands to use for most occasions, and now we’re giving you some of the best options to keep your Apple Watch pristine.

Whether you’re at the gym, on the court, at the office, or just living your daily routine, chances are you will, at one point, end up scratching the glass on the Apple Watch or scuffing its case. To prevent that, check out the screen protectors below, and make sure your wearable stays just as shiny as it was the first time you put it on your wrist.

    ZAGG InvisibleShield HD

    The minimalist

    You won't notice this Apple Watch screen protector as it's 100% clear. It's also Military Grade and has self-healing properties.
    IQ Shield Screen Protector

    The abuser

    With four layers of protection, this Apple Watch screen protector comes in a six-pack offering LIQuidSkin smart film protection.
    JETech Screen Protector

    No distractions

    These are tempered glass screen protectors only 0.2mm thick offering edge-to-edge protection. They're responsive and highly transparent.
    DeltaShield Screen Protector

    The comfortable

    Comes with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Package contains screen protectors, installation squeegee, microfiber cleaning cloth and instructions.
    LK Screen Protector (6 Pack)

    The hoarder

    This six-pack contains 0.1mm thin flexible TPU screen protectors which are 99% HD Clear for maximum protection and transparency.
    Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Full coverage protection

    This tempered glass protector is anti-shatter and scratch proof, with a 9H hardness rating. Features polished rounded edges and 98% transparency.

If you’re among those power users who expose their Apple Watch to extremes, don’t worry if a classic tempered glass, TPU, or film screen protector won’t just cut it. IF you’re mountain climbing, river rafting, playing football, or any other activities that put the integrity of your Apple Watch at risk, you might want to consider a more advanced protective solution.

That’s what the Apple Watch cases are for, offering extra protection for the watch, in addition to protecting the screen itself. Check out three popular options that we recommend, for the elegant, the casual, and the active.

    UMTELE Shiny Rhinestone Protector

    Bling bling!

    For the flashy, this case is decorated with premium sparkling bling crystal rhinestones. Offers hard frame full protection.
    BRG Case Screen Protector

    Minimalist full protection

    With 99% transparency, this case offers complete 360 degree protection for your Apple Watch. You also get a two-bundle.
    V85 Shock-proof Protector

    The rugged solution

    This TPU bumper is shock-proof and shatter-resistant, offering full edge coverage to prevent scratches, drops, bumps, and other abuse.

When it comes down to our personal preferences, we like the minimalist approach, because we prefer to show off the beauty of the watch itself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and your tastes could be different, but we think you shouldn’t cover up leather seats with fabric covers.

That’s why our favorite is the ZAGG InvisibleShield HD, as it is seamless in providing that extra layer of protection for the glass on your Apple Watch. Being military-grade, and featuring self-healing capabilities, it also ensures you don’t have to swap them out very often as they tend to regenerate and fix light scratches.

For the reasons we mentioned above, we don’t like the case approach, but we’d pop on a V85 Shock-proof Protector when Crossfit training and weight lifting, especially if you’re working with kettlebells. Those of you who are active at the gym know what we’re talking about, as you always have to take off your watch to protect it when you’re handling kettlebells above your shoulders.

For the flashy among us out there, if you’d like to stand out with a blingy watch, Umtele Rhinestone Protector. It comes in several colors, and it really stands out as it shines from all those crystal rhinestones.

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