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Best Apple Watch 7 Bands: NOMAD, Apple, Spigen, and more

By Aryan Suren November 23, 2021, 12:30 am
Apple Watch 7 in different colors with different bands

The Apple Watch Series 7 has been on sale for a little over a month now, and if you've recently gotten yourself one and have started wanting to explore the wide variety of band options available in the market, this article lists the best options available to help you get started.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case and Band

Apple Watch 7 in SUPCASE UB Pro Source: SUPCASE

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro for Apple Watch 7 is an accessory that combines a rugged case with a similarly designed band. The band features a plain texture on the interior and exterior, meaning it will sit flush and snug against your wrist. The two-prong buckle will ensure the Apple Watch stays on your wrist no matter what type of activity you throw at it.


Speaking about the attached case, it features a tough exterior that will ensure your watch is safe from falls and the resulting shocks. It also provides unhindered access to all vital components of the smartwatch, so your user experience should remain similar to what it's been before.


SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro for Apple Watch is the perfect accessory to add rugged protection and an uncompromised fit.

Apple Sport Band

Apple Watch 7 in Sport Band Source: Apple

The Sport Band for Apple Watch is a strap we recommend due to its soft elastomer construction. For $49, you gain access to a variety of colors and two pieces of holed straps that will let you customize the fit to your liking. To ensure the band stays on your wrist when you're performing any activity, it features a pin-and-tuck closure that reduces the chances of the strap coming undone.

Apple Sport Band

The Apple Sport Band is the perfect choice for those who want to add color and comfort to their smartwatch experience.

Spigen Rugged Band

Apple Watch 7 in Spigen Rugged Band Source: Spigen

The Spigen Rugged Band features a design with more character than the plain Sport Band from Apple and is perfect for those who like a rugged design, especially if you're pairing it with the Spigen Rugged Armor Protector.

It's made from TPU and has a matte finish over its length, interspersed with carbon fiber accents. It ensures to incorporate the Apple Watch Adapter in its design, so sliding these on and off will also be convenient.

Spigen Rugged Band

The Spigen Rugged Band is the accessory for those who want their watch to have a rugged look with the ease of customizability at hand.

Apple Sport Loop

Apple Watch 7 in Sport Loop Source: Apple

The Apple Sport Loop is the strap to get if you want to make your watch-wearing experience one filled with convenience. The nylon weave strap makes use of a velcro system with a loop fastener to ensure a snug fit against your wrist.

The strap is available in six dual-tone colorways, and Apple occasionally releases limited-edition versions -- with their most recent being an Olympics-oriented country-wise collection.

In terms of size, the regular version of the 41mm band will fit those with 130-200mm wrists, and the 45mm band is the option to pick for those with 145-220mm wrists. You can also choose to buy an XL version.

NOMAD Modern Band

Apple Watch 7 in NOMAD Leather Band Source: NOMAD

The NOMAD Modern Band for Apple Watch is an option to get if you've been looking to add a leather strap to your collection. Its made with vegetable-tanned Horween Leather, which will patina with time, creating a look that's unique to you. The band is available in two colors, Brown and Black, and its lugs and buckle can be configured in Silver or Black to match the casing on your watch.

It's available for both the 41mm and 45mm models and is also compatible with all previous versions of the Apple Watch.

Apple Leather Link

Apple Watch 7 in Apple Leather Link Source: Apple

The Apple Leather Link is another premium accessory to consider if you'd like to have the convenience of magnets and a variety of colors to pick from, away from the traditional Black or Dark Brown. It's available in Cherry (Dark Purple), Golden Brown, Midnight (Black), and Sequoia Green (Dark Green).

The accessory uses Venezia leather that is hand-made in Arzignano, Italy. It's available in two sizes for both Apple Watch case sizes, fitting wrists in the range of 130mm to 205mm (maximum wrist size supported for 41mm Watch owners is 180mm).

Apple Leather Link

The Apple Leather Link is the accessory to pick if you like Leather and want the added convenience of magnets.

NOMAD Rugged Band

Apple Watch 7 in NOMAD Rugged Band Source: NOMAD

The NOMAD Rugged Band is an accessory to consider if you've been searching for a tactical-looking strap. It uses a material called FKM that is soft on the wrist and aims to provide high endurance. It also has stainless steel lugs that can you can configure in Black or Silver to match your Apple Watch.

The band is waterproof, and the ribs on its inner section ensure that its breathability and reduce the percolation of sweat.

NOMAD Rugged Band

NOMAD Rugged Band is the perfect accessory for the sports enthusiast inside you!

NOMAD Titanium Band

Apple Watch 7 in NOMAD Titanium Band Source: NOMAD

The NOMAD Titanium Band is made from Grade 2 Titanium and features a Carbon coating making it a mix of elegance and durability perfect for a watch. It has a magnetic clasp that makes wearing it easy and comes packaged with a tool that can help adjust the length of the strap.

It's available in three colorways, Black, Silver, and Graphite. At this point in time, there is no 40mm version on sale.

For those with a smaller watch, you can also consider buying Apple's Link Bracelet if you're looking for a metal band.

NOMAD Titanium Band

The perfect accessory for those who want a link bracelet for their Apple Watch.

Apple Milanese Band

Apple Watch 7 in Milanese Loop Source: Apple

The Apple Milanese Band is a band made from Stainless Steel, woven on specialized machines. A key feature of this band is that it's completely magnetic, allowing for infinite levels of adjustment, so you can ensure you always have a good fit. This steel mesh band is available in three colors, Gold, Silver, and Graphite.

The 41mm band will fit wrists that measure in between 130-180mm, while the 45mm band is perfect for those with wrists sizing in between 150-200mm.

Apple Milanese Band

The Apple Milanese Band features a stainless steel mesh construction with a widely adjustable fit.


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