The Apple Pencil 2nd generation is compatible with the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro that was announced earlier this year. Rumors had pointed towards a new, improved Apple Pencil, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Apple made the Apple Pencil compatible with the new iPad Pro that packs a lot more power than the 4th generation from last year. However, it’s important to note there are a lot of applications out there that can’t yet take advantage of that much power, which is why a lot of people aren’t thinking of upgrading this year, or at least not yet. That’s set to change in the future as more apps start supporting Apple Silicon.

If you’re thinking of upgrading, or simply want to just protect your expensive purchase, it’s best to put a case on it to prevent accidental scratches or drops. Our list contains some of the best Apple Pencil cases we could find on Amazon. There are some premium cases, some that improve the grip, ones that make it look like an actual pencil, anti-slip ones and more.

    SUPCASE Silicone Protective Case

    Stylish and grippy

    It has a stylish look and a grippy feel. It even includes 3 nib covers.


    AHASTYLE Duotone Case

    For the pencil look

    It’s lightweight, comes in multiple colors and has a slim form factor.
    Silicone Case with cap holder

    For the affordable

    It comes with 2 nib covers and even has a cute cat cap, at an affordable price.
    Elago Classic Pencil Case


    Classic design meets with a grippy feel that can attach magnetically.
    SUPCASE Silicone Protective Case

    Anti-Slip, Rose-Gold Grip

    It has a slim design, anti-slip grip and a unique color to fit your style.


    Delidigi Pencil Case

    Two tone

    It has an ultra slim design and a stylish two tone look.
    FRTMA Silicone Case with 2 protective nib covers

    For the affordable

    This ergonomic design comes with two nibs and is available in multiple colors for more customization.
    AhaStyle Cute Silicone Soft Cover

    Cute and colorful

    It has a unique, eye-catchy design and it’s easy to install. Made out of silicone for more protection.
    YINVA Protective Cover


    It’s lightweight, thin and colorful. It supports wireless charging and the double tap function.
    UPPERCASE Silicone Case

    Sleek and minimal

    It has a sleek and minimal look, as well as a dust-free coating for a better feel.
    MoKo Ergonomic Protective Cover


    Ergonomically designed for more traction and a better grip.
    UKCOCO Pen cover


    It’s a slim, lightweight and minimal case for an overall great protection.
    AhaStyle Ultra Thin Case


    It has a slim and minimalistic design. It has a magnet-friendly design and comes in light blue & pink colors.
    Litumfen 3 pack Silicone Grip Case

    For the Grip

    It has a non-slip and anti-sweat soft silicone design and it’s only 0.35mm thick. It’s magnet-friendly and doesn’t affect the charging or the double click function.
    ColorCoral Silicone Case

    Affordable and Minimal

    It doesn’t affect the wireless charging functionality and has magnetic to stick to the iPad Pro. It’s available in 6 colors for more customization.

As you can see, we’ve included a wide variety of cases and covers. Some are minimal, ergonomic, sleek looking or grip improving. The choice is yours, but if you’re a content creator or an artist, you’ll probably know that ergonomics and grippiness are very important, so that’s likely what we would recommend looking into. If you’re a casual artist, there are minimal and colorful options that let you customise the looks to fit your style.

    Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
      Apple's latest and most precise pen. It's highly responsive and provides the natural fluidity of a traditional writing instrument.

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