It’s true that we expect better features and more powerful phones with every launch. However, some companies decided that the headphone jack was not the best option for newer models, starting with the iPhone 7 in 2016. Yes, that means we usually get bigger batteries and better water resistance, but what if you still want a headphone jack in 2019? We have gathered some devices that could be great for you.

Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup

One of the last flagship lineups in 2019 that still includes the headphone jack. The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e all include this option so you can decide whether you are going to use Bluetooth earphones or your wired headphones for better sound. The best part is that these are also among the best devices of 2019, with great cameras, some of the best internals, and several deals to get these devices for less.

Google Pixel 3a, 3a XL

The sales for the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL weren’t doing so great, and the phones didn’t include a headphone jack, but these new models are cheaper, and they feature a 3.5mm port. The best part is that the cameras are just as good as the ones on their bigger brothers, and they’re not made of glass, so you don’t have to worry that much about breaking them.

Huawei P30

The Huawei P30 Pro is a beast, but it doesn’t have a headphone jack. The P30 is smaller, less expensive, just as powerful, and it has an excellent camera. This device also comes with an audio jack, so you don’t need to get wireless earphones for this phone if you don’t want to.

LG G8/V40 ThinQ

The LG G8 ThinQ and the LG V40 ThinQ are considered by many industry experts “maybe the best” vlogging smartphones. This is because they have Quad DAC and you guessed it, a headphone jack. These are arguably the devices with the best audio output and input, so maybe this device could be what you need if you like manual controls in your camera to record stuff.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This phone was launched last year, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great phone. It may be the last Galaxy Note that includes a headphone jack, or at least that’s what the rumors say. You also get the S-Pen, and a very affordable price nowadays, considering that the Note10 is just around the corner.