iPhone 6 Plus suffering bend damage: you’re carrying it wrong? (Poll)

Do you take your phone out of your pants pocket when you sit down? For those of you already used to dealing with large-screened handsets, ranging from five inches up into phablet territory, you probably have some strong feelings on the subject, maybe after one or two close calls yourself. But now this month we’ve got an influx of Apple users, many moving up to 4.7 and 5.5-inch phones for the first time ever. Will they appreciate the need for caution when dealing with a large, thin slate, or has the tiny, durable iPhone of years past lulled them into a false sense of security? To hear some of the reports coming in from new iPhone 6 Plus owners, there may be more than a few of them falling into that latter camp, with pics showing some inadvertently bent iPhones.

Forum posts reveal iPhone 6 Plus owners either outright bending their phones, or sweating bullets at the thought that they might be putting their new handset at risk. Throughout the accounts, there seems to be this consistent thread of disbelief that it could even be possible to damage a phone from storing it in the front pocket of pants, rather than the rear, even when sitting down.

Everything else being equal, a larger smartphone is going to experience greater mechanical stresses when in a pocket than a smaller handset of comparable thickness. When we go both larger and thinner, the effect is only compounded: that’s just physics for you.

So where does that leave us with the iPhone 6 Plus? Are these people damaging their brand new phones just a little out of touch with expectations for how they can get away with carrying the thing? Should phones be able to survive the stresses of life in a pants pocket, period? There’s no easy answer to these questions, so we turn it to you: let us know your own feelings about carrying larger-screened smartphones in the poll below.


Source: MacRumors forums
Via: phoneArena

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