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Video: Beautiful Widgets, Beautiful Live Wallpaper Updated

By Joe Levi January 31, 2011, 2:11 pm

LevelUp Studios just released updates to their Beautiful Widgets and Beautiful Live Weather apps, and wow, they’re impressive!

First up, a new set of “clock” widgets has been added to Beautiful Widgets. These widgets offer everything from the time and day/date, to the current weather and high/low forecast. They’re skinnable and now give you the option to iconically display the current weather or your battery-level. They’re new, so only a few skins for the new widgets are available, but the default skin has a very Gingerbred-like appearance. The old widgets are still there and still work with the current skins. The settings for these new widgets has been reworked and are now much easier to understand and are very well organized. (The old widgets still use the old settings format, which I assume is for compatibility purposes.)

Also updated was Beautiful Live Weather. This Live Wallpaper displays an animated version of the weather, complete with rain, snow, clouds, fog, and even a rising and setting sun and moon. If you have Beautiful Widgets installed the weather displayed in the wallpaper will be based on the current weather at your specified (or geolocated) position. The new version offers a new OpenGL version of the wallpaper (in addition to the old one) which offers much smoother animations and even lets you interact with the clouds and sun/moon by tapping on them.

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