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Next incarnation of Beats: cross-platform streaming radio

By Stephen Schenck October 7, 2013, 3:54 pm

The relationship between Beats and the smartphone community has been in a state of flux. After HTC’s initial push with Beats hardware, we’ve seen things cool off a lot, and recently learned of HTC’s latest effort to distance itself from Beats, selling off its remaining investment. Still, Beats seems to keep on ticking just fine, and not only do we have some HTC models still in the company’s pipeline to arrive with Beats Audio, but we’ve seen HP get involved, as well. Today we’re talking about the next step in the evolution of Beats and smartphones, with new details arriving of the upcoming Beats Music streaming service.


Beats Music should launch for iOS, Android, and over the web within the next few months – no word on native WP8. In a crowded landscape full of Pandoras and Spotifys, Beats Music aims to differentiate itself with high-quality human-curated playlists, rather than computer-generated stations.

What we don’t have at the moment are a lot of details about the pricing: will there be a free version, or will this be premium-only? Could Beats undercut some of the big players, or are we looking at the same sort of $10 a month you’d pay for Spotify?

Beats may have good brand recognition, but streaming radio is highly competitive business right now, and it might take more than a familiar name and better-than-average playlists to steal users from those other providers.

Source: TheNextWeb
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