BlackBerry Messenger is coming to Android and iOS: that much is a given. Following years of rumors, BlackBerry confirmed its intention to deliver BBM ports for Android and iOS phones sometime this summer. Sure, BBM is hugely popular among BlackBerry users, but would people on these other platforms similarly take to it? A couple months back, we heard of one idea for increasing the app’s visibility, with word that BlackBerry would work with OEMs in order to arrange for them to ship phones with BMM pre-installed. Today we get our first look at something along those lines, with Samsung announcing its own support for BBM.

We know that BBM is more popular in some regions than others, so it makes a good deal of sense to learn that Samsung’s efforts are going to be have a geographical focus: this BBM announcement has its sights on Samsung devices in Africa.

The manufacturer explains that all Galaxy models in Africa will soon have access to BBM through the Samsung app store, and that support for the messaging protocol will arrive for the company’s Samsung Messaging Hub.

BlackBerry and Samsung are also teaming up to help promote this arrangement, holding BBM showcase events across Africa.

Source: Samsung
Via: CrackBerry

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