BlackBerry continues to move forward with its plan to release a cross-platform BlackBerry Messenger app, letting Android and iOS users join in and communicate with existing BBM users. Just yesterday we heard that this could involve partnerships with OEMs in order to ship phones with the BBM app pre-installed, ready to use. What about the rest of us, though, who will be manually downloading and installing the app? We know BBM is coming to Android and iOS sometime this summer, but just when? T-Mobile UK just let that cat out of the bag, tweeting the release date for cross-platform BBM.

According to the carrier, both the Android and iOS versions of BBM will become available on June 27, three weeks from today.

Keep in mind, we’ve already heard from BlackBerry that this initial release will only support smartphones, and that plans have yet to be confirmed for a possible tablet-compatible release.

Will any of you Android or iOS users be scrambling to pick this one up once the app finally drops, or is it hard to get interested in the whole BBM thing when you already have your own rich worlds of messaging?

Update:  Looks like T-Mobile UK tweeted that announcement based on some bad intel. The carrier has since deleted the tweet in question.

Source: T-Mobile UK (Twitter)
Via: MobileSyrup

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