This past spring, BlackBerry announced BBM Channels, a new social extension to BlackBerry Messenger, letting users create pages of their own content – the titular Channels – that others can then subscribe to. It’s been in beta testing on BlackBerry platforms ever since, but today we finally see the company pull all the stops and go forward with plans to leave the Beta Zone, bringing BBM Channels to all its users.

Actually, it hasn’t happened just yet, but it’s been confirmed for today, and availability should be just a couple hours away. Both BlackBerry 10 and classic BBOS users will be able to get in on the action, though for now there’s no similar solution for users who have just discovered BBM on their Android or iOS devices – we’ve heard that ports are in the works, but there’s nothing like an ETA just yet.

BBM might just be the one feather left in BlackBerry’s cap, and the recent iOS and Android launches hinted at continued interest, in spite of the relative flop that was this year’s BB10 launch. Will BBM Channels be just what the company needs to help grow BBM even further, or will it be overshadowed by cross-platform competition from Facebook and others? With today’s launch for the masses, we may be just about to find out.

Source: CrackBerry

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