Battery Woes Threaten Windows 8 Pro Surface, Voice Over LTE

Yesterday, we talked a little about just how crucial battery life is to smartphones and tablets, and our desire to see manufacturers really buckle-down to offer models with some next-generation power savings. Unfortunately, tonight we have two tales for you of tech that’s just not delivering the kind of battery performance we might like to see, with both the upcoming Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet and Voice over LTE technology coming up short.

Microsoft came through with the Surface Pro pricing today, and while that was the big Surface news, an interesting tidbit also popped-up on Twitter. One user asked Microsoft about the Surface Pro’s battery life, and the manufacturer confirmed that the tablet will only last half as long on a charge as compared to the Surface RT.

We got around nine to ten hours of battery life from the Surface RT when testing the tablet, so expect the Surface Pro to max-out around five. Despite the Surface Pro having a battery with one-third more capacity than the Surface RT, it sounds like increased power demands from its higher-end hardware will just obliterate any advantage a larger battery would offer.

On the phone side of things, we’ve been holding out a lot of hope for the benefits we’d see by carriers moving to VoLTE, using modern data networks to route our voice calls. It looks like there could be a big trade-off to that arrangement, though. We all know that LTE can be a battery hog, and while things promise to improve as we see future generations of LTE chipsets released, one new study suggests that current LTE hardware would suffer from an effective fifty-percent reduction in talk time when compared to the same phone making voice calls over CDMA. Perhaps optimization can go a long way towards improving that situation, and some of this is likely due to the LTE radio running in the background during CDMA tests, but this could be one big pitfall that warrants further consideration.

Source: Fierce Wireless, Microsoft (Twitter)
Via: The Verge, BGR

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