Barclays survey sets big expectations for iPhone X buys

Barclays forecasts that the average selling price for an iPhone will not only surge past the magic $700 number this quarter for the first time ever, but it could go into the very next century — $823.

Part of this comes into new survey results from the bank’s own Mark Moskowitz and obtained by 9to5Mac. Of 1,000 consumers from China, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, 62 percent said they were considering upgrading their smartphone in the next 12 months while another 10 percent are planning on doing so within 18 months.

So, of the 720 or so people with an upgrade in the cards, Barclays reports that 54 percent will likely snag an iPhone. And of that subset, 35 percent are going for an iPhone X — it’s a big improvement from the same survey taken back in August which reported just an 18 percent buy rate for the most expensive iPhone. That means that 136 respondents of a thousand said they would buy an iPhone priced at $999 or more.

It is presumed that 34 percent of iPhone buyers will choose either device of the iPhone 8 series as 31 percent have reported to opt for an older model. Of non-iPhone participants, 23 percent have announced their switch to iOS.

Of course, as this survey is done with pre-purchase consumers, showroom gladhanding could actually change. Intent isn’t the same as weighing options.

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