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Bank of America now has Apple Watch app and biometric login on Android, iOS

By Jules Wang September 15, 2015, 7:02 pm

There’s a convergence of news in the mobile technology sphere today from the second-largest bank in the US. And we’re not just talking about a design refresh for its main smartphone app. Apparently, Bank of America has been making use of its resource diversion from Windows Phone or at least has not spilled word on any developments it might have for a Windows 10 Mobile app. But with that operating platform done with for now, another one comes into play today with the bank’s new watchOS app.

You can now check out account balances, recent transactions and any urgent notifications on your Apple Watch, provided you have one linked to an iPhone 5 or later on iOS 8.2.

There’s also another way to login to check all of that information on your Android smartphone or iPhone and that’s through a fingerprint scan. You can now use Touch ID or any applicable fingerprint sensor in lieu putting in your username, the security question about your first dog’s name and the password. While Android Marshmallow has native support for fingerprint APIs, the Bank of America app is still compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

Source: Bank of America
Via: Android Central

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