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Badoo drops Windows 10 Mobile app… under the bus

By Jules Wang September 11, 2016, 11:59 pm

No, one of the world’s largest online dating services is not pulling the plug on its Windows 10 Mobile app… apparently.

Badoo, one of the more progressive services which has had a Windows 10 Mobile app out for a bit, decided to withdraw the app from the Windows Store sometime this weekend.

WindowsPhoneApps.es inquired to the company about the move and got back this response:


Thanks for your email.

Unfortunately Badoo is no longer compatible with your terminal. We launch new features continuously to improve our service, but it seems your phone is no longer able to support them. This means that you can no longer enjoy the experience of Badoo like you should. To continue using our service, we recommend that you access through the site through the web browser on your phone or your computer.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you by this change.

The Spanish outlet reported that the app had been receiving weekly updates prior to the withdrawal and that the Badoo Tech Blog had dedicated quite a wordy post last month on its Windows Phone development. Back in 2014, the story goes, a two-person team built an Windows Phone app for its sister service, Hot or Not, in three months. Since then, several revisions and the destruction of a Silverlight app, the team has grown to six staffers.

“We have created really useful solutions that have helped us implement 104 new features (including A/B/C/D tests) in the last 6 months, with only 6 people in the team,” said Badoo QA Lead of Windows Phone Vyacheslav Loktik.

The support for such a small platform, despite Microsoft’s ambivalence towards it, is evident. Hell, here’s the twist: the Windows 10 app is back up on the Windows Store. And yes, it’s downloadable and installable.

So, why did the support team send a form letter out to the lament of a tech community and throw six of their company’s own developers under the bus? We’d like to know.

Download: Badoo
Source: BadooWindowsPhoneApps.es (Google Translate)
Via: MSPoweruser


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