Automating Your Home with Nest and Your Android

PIMs and PDAs, and now smartphones and tablets are great at organizing our personal information and making our lives easier, but they tend to stop at contacts and calendars.

What if there was a device that could make the leap from oganizing your personal information to controlling the world around you? With the Nest Learning Thermostat now you can!

We spend about half our energy on heating and cooling. The guys at nest have put their computer and UI skills together to build a smart thermostat that you don’t have to program — it programs itself. It’s got three thermometers, humidity sensor, light sensor, and even a proximity sensor. Yes, not only does this thing know how hot and humid it is in your house, it knows when you’re at home — and will save you energy when you’re not.

When you are home, Nest is smart enough to know where you live and what your local weather is, then adjusts the temperature accordingly. What’s more, it learns your temperature preferences, and automatically sets the temperature for you, and does so intelligently, saving you money and reducing your energy consumption.

With its built-in WiFi you can not only see but also control your thermostats with your Android-powered smartphone or tablet. Finally, your smartphone — teamed up with a very smart thermostat — can control and organize more than just your contacts and calendar.

You can download the Nest app from the Android Market, but you’ll probably need to put your name on a waiting list to get the Nest Learning Thermostat… but it’s worth the wait.

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