OnePlus files trademark for Dash Charge; what does it mean for the OnePlus 3?
A new trademark for OnePlus Dash Charge has us wondering if a quick-charging solution will finally be available with this year’s OnePlus 3.
FBI paid less than previously reported for iPhone hack (but still probably way, waaaay too much)
Despite last week’s description of the FBI iPhone 5c hack having cost north of $1M, the agency is now backtracking from that figure.
HTC confirms Marshmallow delays for AT&T users
We’ve got confirmation that HTC AT&T Android Marshmallow updates for both the One M8 and One M9 have been hit with new delays.
Apple marketing head sparks unlikely controversy over how to pluralize Apple products
What’s the proper plural of iPhone? What about iPad? Apple has its preference, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen.
Galaxy S7 eBay deal has new factory-unlocked models for just $560
Is this $560 Galaxy S7 deal too good to pass up, or do a few small compromises ruin it for you?
Testers share early look at Google Trips, the new in-development travel app
Find out what we’ve learned so far about Google Trips, the upcoming what-to-do-and-what-to-see app to help with your travel plans.
How the Google Play App Security Improvement Program is helping devs keep apps safe
Learn how automated scanning can help developers improve Google Play app security.
HTC 10 carrier action: Sprint gets a date, Verizon pre-orders open
Get all the details you’ll need about HTC 10 carrier sales in the US – who’s selling it, and when.
Microsoft locks down Cortana to kill Bing-, Edge-dodging hacks
Microsoft’s putting a stop to users conducting Cortana searches on Windows 10 with search engines other than Bing, and browsers other than Edge.
Fenix’s return to Google Play reveals a much brighter future for Twitter apps
What does Fenix’s return to the Play Store mean for the future of the Twitter token limit?
Apple receives government blessing for retail stores in India
A committee is recommending that Apple be granted the clearance it needs to start building Apple stores in India.
Moto 360 Sport already running out of steam? Google Store shuts down sales
Why has Google seemingly stopped Moto 360 Sport sales? Is the still-quite-new wearable already coming to the end of the road?
Google no longer selling Nexus tablets, as Nexus 9 leaves the Google Store
Google’s put a stop to Nexus 9 sales, but HTC is still happy to hook you up with the 2014 tablet.
HTC Nexus codenames leak: will we meet Marlin and Sailfish later this year?
Marlin and Sailfish are looking like our HTC Nexus codenames, but questions remain about what hardware we’ll get.
Supposed “iPhone Pro” schematic reflects a number of current hardware rumors
Is this new iPhone 7 Plus schematic proof of the changes we’ve already heard rumored, or leading us down the wrong path?
Are these BlackBerry’s next phones? Leak shows off models Rome and Hamburg
Are these BlackBerry renders the company’s new 2016 Android-based lineup? Meet the BlackBerry Hamburg and Rome.
Microsoft looks prepared to have Win10 Anniversary Update ready for OS’s first birthday
Rumors of a Windows 10 Anniversary Update ETA suggest Microsoft really could have this update ready to go for the platform’s one-year anniversary.
Industry pressure grows to move audio away from headphone jacks – it’s not just Apple
Intel’s working on new standards that could one day make USB type-C headphones ubiquitous.
Microsoft reaffirms its Windows 10 Mobile commitment to insiders
Haters are gonna hate, but there’s no doubting the internal Microsoft smartphone commitment in this newly leaked email.
Huawei Honor V8 benchmarks raise confusing questions about phone’s silicon
What should we make of this odd SoC data in newly uncovered Honor V8 benchmarks? Could it really be what it seems?
Google makes changing smartwatch bands as easy as swapping watchfaces with new MODE straps
See how Google’s new MODE smartwatch bands let users change designs in seconds.
Google introduces six-second “little haikus of video ads”
New six-second-format Google Bumper ads are making their debut next month, with a particular focus on mobile viewers.
BlackBerry starts selling Priv with Marshmallow on board, announces updates for next week
Get all the details on the pending availability of the BlackBerry Priv Marshmallow update.
HTC dials things back a little with the new One S9
It’s no HTC 10, but the new HTC One S9 manages to hit some high mid-range notes at a slightly more affordable price.
Drive-by Android malware silently installs over the web (but you’re probably OK)
Learn why this drive-by Android malware is so scary – and why users of modern devices are probably already safe from its wrath.