OnePlus files trademark for Dash Charge; what does it mean for the OnePlus 3?
A new trademark for OnePlus Dash Charge has us wondering if a quick-charging solution will finally be available with this year’s OnePlus 3.
Apple marketing head sparks unlikely controversy over how to pluralize Apple products
What’s the proper plural of iPhone? What about iPad? Apple has its preference, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen.
Fenix’s return to Google Play reveals a much brighter future for Twitter apps
What does Fenix’s return to the Play Store mean for the future of the Twitter token limit?
Supposed “iPhone Pro” schematic reflects a number of current hardware rumors
Is this new iPhone 7 Plus schematic proof of the changes we’ve already heard rumored, or leading us down the wrong path?
Google introduces six-second “little haikus of video ads”
New six-second-format Google Bumper ads are making their debut next month, with a particular focus on mobile viewers.
DIY mod gives us the 64GB Nexus 5 we never had
This 64GB Nexus 5 mod is a little beyond our skill level, but it sure is one impressive hack.
Windows 10 Mobile + vehicle dash with HDMI-in = Cartinuum?
We take a look at an awesome DIY Microsoft Continuum car setup, using a dash unit’s HDMI input.
Samsung app helps train kids not to hold phones and tablets too close to their eyes
The new Samsung Safety Screen app is designed to prevent young users from damaging their eyes by getting too close to their devices.
Dream of Apple Watch extended-battery strap killed as Apple shuts off port access
The Reserve Strap Apple Watch battery-strap accessory is dead in the water thanks to an Apple software update.
Microsoft Word Flow keyboard enters beta testing on iOS with one-handed curved Arc mode
Microsoft’s Word Flow iOS beta has entered private testing, giving iOS users a curved-keyboard option.
JBL Reflect Aware C earphones leverage USB type-C for active noise cancellation
In addition to using USB type-C for pure digital audio, the new JBL Reflect Aware C earphones use the connector for powered active noise cancellation.
Facebook tool lets apps log you in with just your phone number
See how Facebook Account Kit is letting apps authenticate users with only their phone numbers.
Remix OS 2.0 does multi-window Android on the Nexus 9 and Nexus 10
Learn how you can get a polished multi-window Android experience on your tablet with these Remix OS 2.0 Nexus ROMs.
Feeling lucky? You could buy a Huawei Honor 5X for just one dollar today
Will you luck out and be able to take advantage of today’s one-dollar Honor 5X deal?
Mod transforms iPhone SE to look like a modern iPhone
With this iPhone SE mod (and a bit of time), you can make a new iPhone SE actually look like a new, rounded-edge iPhone model.
Apple can rest easy: FBI hack won’t work on modern iPhones
New details on the FBI iPhone hack vulnerability arrive: attack won’t work on Apple’s more recent smartphones.
WhatsApp completes Signal-driven encryption upgrades: end-to-end everywhere
Heavy-duty encryption for your chats just got a lot easier, thanks to a slew of new WhatsApp encryption upgrades.
HTC 10 mini 4.7-incher rumored for September with flagship-level performance
Is HTC really ready to deliver a no-compromise compact phone? Early rumors of an HTC 10 mini sound very promising.
New Waze warnings can help you from getting a speeding ticket
Your smartphone may help you get where you’re going, but can it help you avoid a speeding ticket in the process? New Waze speed limit notifications debut.
Instagram users are freaking out over feed changes, begging followers to turn on notifications
Instagram content creators are having a mass panic attack over out-of-control rumors of imminent Instagram changes to feed ordering.
Google voice-controlled smart-home hub could give Amazon Echo a run for its money
Google’s voice-powered assistant may move beyond your phone or tablet to find a home in your living room, as rumors of a Google Amazon Echo competitor emerge.
OLED smartphone screens reach a tipping point? Finally cheaper to make than LCDs
OLED screen affordability has reportedly caught up with and even surpassed that of LCDs – are we about to see a ton of OLED-display smartphones?
Samsung patent details just how its folding smartphone could work
We take a look at a new Samsung folding-phone patent to get a few ideas for how Samsung might be thinking of making this idea come together.
Embedded Apple SIM in new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is unsurprisingly confusing
Get the lowdown on how the embedded Apple SIM in the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro works, and when you might still need to pop in your own SIM card.
Galaxy S7 best-of-both-worlds mod gives you dual-SIM support … AND microSD
See how this Samsung Galaxy S7 dual-SIM mod allows you to use two SIM cards while also having microSD expansion.