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Samsung Gear S2 review rebuttal (Video)
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Why I’m keeping the Pixel C, flaws and all
Google’s new convertible has taken a lot of flak from the media (Pocketnow included). But after using the Pixel C for a month, I like it enough to keep it.
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We’re back in our respective cities following CES 2016, most of us wiser, all of us older, and at least one of us with a big ‘ole post-Vegas beard.
When it comes to the Vive, walking is believing
The Vive VR headset from HTC and Valve is one of the most immersive virtual-reality headsets out there – as long as you’re standing up when you use it.
Huawei GX8 brings US smartphone users a metal-bodied affordable option
Is the new Huawei GX8 the company’s answer to the OnePlus 2? Check out the specs and judge for yourself.
The Under Armour HealthBox by HTC is cool even if you’re not a fitness nut
Under Armour’s new fitness gear comes in a big red box and contains some of the most powerful health-tracking technology we’ve ever seen, built by HTC.
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Microsoft Lumia 950 Review: the phone for Windows fans (and no one else) [UPDATE: Now with more XL!]
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The “cult of Windows Phone” might be Windows 10 Mobile’s saving grace
For the third year running, I’m carrying a Windows Phone for the holidays – and this year it’s not the camera I have to thank, but the community.
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The larger of Microsoft’s two new Windows 10 Mobile devices brings a beefier processor and broader display to the equation, with a bigger battery to boot.