5G smartphone
Everything you need to know about 5G: What it is, what it isn’t
5G is all the rage these days, but there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation circulating. Let’s dig into what 5G is, and what it isn’t.
wifi 6
What is WiFi 6? And why it’s so important to the future of your mobile lifestyle
WiFi 6 is the future. We’re telling you all about what it is, as well as why it is important to the future of your mobile lifestyle.
Samsung Flow
Security & Privacy: Secure Your Computer with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone
You can secure your computer using your Samsung Galaxy phone. We’ll tell you how to do it, as well as whether you should do it or not.
hidden risks of wifi
Security & Privacy: The Hidden Risks of WiFi
Every person who carries a WiFi enabled device with them can be tracked. The people they’re with can be tracked. Even if you have the WiFi on your device turned off, the device will occasionally turn it back on to “look around”.
Security & Privacy: Multifaceted Threats of the Deep State
Developers, I’m calling on you to publish a “canary”. Let us know that you HAVEN’T built exploits, weaknesses, threats or backdoors into your systems.
Security & Privacy: Your Fingerprint isn’t your Password – and neither is your face or iris
Regardless of whether or not you’re one of the “paranoid” people who doesn’t want others snooping in their personal effects, your fingerprint, iris, face, or voice isn’t your password, and you’d be wise not to treat it as such.
Location Tracking
Security & Privacy: Location Tracking, ergo ‘They Know Where You Are’
One of the biggest “features” of our mobile devices is also one of the largest areas of concern when it comes to privacy: location tracking.
Security & Privacy: Malware and Beyond – The Many Shapes of Device Security
Device security comes in many shapes and forms, each with its own strategy for mitigating threat vectors. Read to find out how to stay secure!
Security & Privacy: Do You Need Mobile Antivirus Apps?
Various antivirus and antimalware apps are available through app stores; some even come pre-installed from OEMs. Question is: are these mobile antivirus apps really necessary?
Android Malware virus
Security & Privacy: Who’s to Blame for Viruses, Malware, & Ransomware like WannaCry?
The current WannaCry attacks are just the beginning. Read to find out more about who’s to blame for viruses, malware, and ransomware.
Security & Privacy: Encrypting Communications
I’d argue that today, more than colonial America, the Right to Privacy and the Fourth Amendment are of the utmost importance. So, how does one go about encrypting communications?
Android Encryption
Security & Privacy: How to Physically Secure Your Phone
A phone that’s physically secure not only offers you an extra layer of protection in terms of privacy and security but also keeps you out of trouble.
Security & Privacy: A VPN Can Help Keep Your Activities Private
While a VPN is by no means a “cure-all” or “magic bullet” in our quest for privacy, getting the right one to suit your circumstances can go a long way to helping.
security and privacy
Security & Privacy: An introduction; concepts explained; theory
Do you think Security and Privacy should be an important part of your digital life? We do! Welcome to the new Security & Privacy section of Pocketnow.
Google WiFi mesh
The future of WiFi is Mesh, and Google might be missing out
While I’m excited about Google WiFi and will probably deploy it at my home, there’s a lot of unnecessary overlap, and a lot lost potential Google could leverage using products that are already in people’s homes.
Pixel Schmixel
Pixel Schmixel: Why I’m opting out of Google’s latest smartphone
Hi, I’m Joe “the Android Guy”. Perhaps you’ve heard of me. I’m…
The lack of new Android Wear smartwatches isn’t a bad thing
There are a lot of things being prepared in the “Google Watch” department. So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if Google itself advised its wearable partners that it might be wise to “wait and see”.
Why do I need 5 chat apps?
You shouldn’t need five chat apps
When the Internet was coming into its own back in the ’90’s,…
A closer look at Google I/O 2016 keynote
Let’s take a closer look at the Google I/O 2016 keynote and see what we really learned. Check out a recap of what happened!
Take back your privacy with encryption – before it’s too late
All of us are born with certain “natural rights” – rights which…
Pocketnow Smart Home Series
Pocketnow Smart Home: Beautify your home with a smart sprinkler controller
In recent years, our phones have evolved into the “universal remote control”…
Android N first impressions
Android N first impressions (video)
Now that Android 6.0 Marshmallow is running on 2.3% of devices, it’s time…
6gb smartphone
Who would ever need a 6GB Smartphone?
The apps of tomorrow may not run on the smartphones of yesterday, and a 6GB smartphone is simply making sure that you’ll have the resources you’ll need for the future that’s closer than you might imagine.
Pocketnow Smart Home Series
Pocketnow Smart Home: the pros and cons of Nest
In recent years, our phones have evolved into the “universal remote control”…
ASAP Dash: Everything it’s cracked up to be, or just another portable battery?
There’s a new portable phone charger making the rounds that’s making claims…